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“Every educational institution should consider using a "tracking system" of 1, 2, and 3 followed by a remedial (special education) classes. This allows students in advanced stages of learning to have a more rigid and accelerated learning curriculum - NOT HONORS! It also allows those students who have a bit of a problem of learning the normal way (comprehension, color-blindness, logic problems) the opportunity to NOT be placed in Special Needs education, but in a slowly-presented curriculum. Those that are normal learners, but do not accel at studies, whether they not retain information, perhaps not understand material, or need something in-between Track 1 and Track 3.

Obviously, students with special needs would be in the Special Education curriculum so they get more of an individual relationship with their educators.

All tracks are assigned per class for each student. Allow the student to challenge him/her-self by selecting a track ahead for a year and, with them, check their end-of-year progress to determine whether or not they want to continue the challenge each year.”

From a Republican in Frankfort, IL
In reponse to: Do you support Common Core national standards?

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