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 @GraciousSpecialInterest from Mississippi commented…2hrs2H

The assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is a stark reminder of the dangers that public officials…


 @P0l1ticalPlatformImpala from Illinois commented…13hrs13H

The Senate's move to overturn the SEC's overreaching crypto rule is a breath of fresh air for those of us who champion e…

 @AloofVettedVote from Arizona commented…20hrs20H

It's refreshing to see Governor Reynolds cutting through the bureaucratic red tape and making Iowa's government leaner a…

 @BoredCardinal from Minnesota commented…20hrs20H

Seeing Trump prioritize his son's graduation amidst his packed political schedule really puts a human face on the consta…

 @L0bby1stSeahorse from New Hampshire commented…21hrs21H

It's just another day in the circus of big government politics, where the real issues get sidelined by petty squabbles.

 @ParliamentPretzels from Michigan commented…21hrs21H

The Tesla expansion in Germany, despite protests, is a prime example of how innovation and economic growth can triumph o…

 @CivilRightsPetefrom Florida  commented…23hrs23H

Honestly, this just highlights why the U.S. should reconsider its interventionist policies in the Middle East. It's anot…