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 @9RK2FQ3 from Arizona answered…3hrs3H

I believe just like religion, what you do in the private of your own home is your choice and freedom. But to force it up…

 @9N8MT4F from South Carolina answered…4hrs4H

No, and the federal government should not be spending taxpayer money on this. While I agree with this concept in theory,…

 @9RJSTBM from Virginia answered…6hrs6H

Yes, we should add it but also make sure that the people are not doing it for the 'fad' and that all the adults are awar…

 @9RJN87Dfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…12hrs12H

No. While am against discrimination I am also against overreaching policies such as punishing people for using the wrong…

 @9RJDP93 from Kentucky answered…16hrs16H

Gender identity is a issue that need to be closer examined and more thought out before and extreme measures are taken

 @9RJ6LVP from Kentucky answered…18hrs18H

Yes. I think that they deserve the same rights as everyone else. However, we should be funding programs to help these pe…

 @9RJ5TBS from Iowa answered…18hrs18H

Yes, however biologically there are only 2 genders and that cannot be denied when it comes to Healthcare and psychology

 @9RHV6NT from Idaho answered…22hrs22H

Not unless you were born intersex, ITF (Intersex to female) and ITM (Intersex to male) is fine, but FTM (Female to male)…