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 @9RDXL3J from Oklahoma answered…1hr1H

Funding should be redirected from other programs to both police departments and social and community based programs to d…

 @9RDWGJP from Tennessee answered…3hrs3H

Increase funding and training in high crime communities and Add mental health professionals to their ranks, as well as r…

 @9RDW54Z from Utah answered…3hrs3H

Provide more trauma informed training to officers and take measures to support their mental health and wellbeing

 @9RDTRRW from Florida answered…5hrs5H

Reallocate funds for better police training in addition to funding non violent calls to he handled by community responde…

 @9RDTKSR from Michigan answered…5hrs5H

It should be dependent on the location, population, and overall crime rate and common crimes listed in individual commun…

 @9RDT92G from Wisconsin answered…5hrs5H

Yes, but also fund the police so they are equipped with the newest and best technology to handle violent crimes and enco…

 @9RDRLSX from Georgia answered…6hrs6H

Yes to an extent but we also have to have adequate funding for our police but I do agree there needs to a major criminal…

 @9RDQFKB from Texas answered…6hrs6H

Funding should be appropriately distributed between local police departments and social and community based programs.

 @9RDPNNH from Utah answered…7hrs7H

Increase funding for police but create police programs that help with the social and community side.

 @9RDPNDX from New Hampshire answered…7hrs7H

continue funding police departments but also create community based programs and shift a good portion of funding to them…

 @9RDMYQV from Texas answered…7hrs7H

Keep police funding the same, but add funding for social programs that unburden the number of duties currently required…

 @9RDKT8F from Arkansas answered…8hrs8H

Increase training funding and add unarmed community based responders for non violent calls alongside an officer.

 @9RDJ5GS from Colorado answered…8hrs8H

No. Funding for each should not be tied together, and funding for each should be determined by local municipalities base…

 @9RDF4QF from Texas answered…9hrs9H

No, but significantly defund the police, and focus on violent crimes rather than enforcing victimless crimes (which shou…

 @9RDD9QT from South Carolina answered…10hrs10H

Local community and social programs should be funded more but not at the cost of reducing the police budget

 @9RDC87V from Pennsylvania answered…10hrs10H

Social services and local law enforcement should BOTH be funded more. Police need more trauma based training. Talk to Du…

 @9RDBQX9 from Texas answered…10hrs10H

No, but funding needs to be redirected for peaceful training including de-escalation, community outreach and other non-v…

 @9RD8XNX from Utah answered…10hrs10H

Increase funding and training for police and also fund community based responders for non-violent crime.

 @9RD83V7 from Arkansas answered…11hrs11H

more strict regulation for police in terms of ability to de-escalate situations and ability to aprehend non-lethaly

 @9RD7Y65 from Missouri answered…11hrs11H

No, but give the police more training for dealing with issues regarding mental health and other problems for nonviolent…

 @9RD6PR9 from Illinois answered…11hrs11H

Depends on the police department, crime rates, use of deadly force etc. There needs to be some level of civilian oversig…

 @9RD5YBT from Ohio answered…11hrs11H

A larger amount of funding should be redirected to training non-violent response AND there should be tighter restriction…

 @9RD5T95 from New York answered…11hrs11H

Funding should be maintained but with greater required education and training times. Existing officers should be mandate…

 @9RD5SGK from Texas answered…11hrs11H

No, increase funding and training, and include federal funds and standards for community based programs