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 @9FFGGCCIndependent from Colorado agreed…1wk1W

without them there would be a rampage of unadressed medical emergencies, domestic violence cases and more.

 @9F8LGDD from North Carolina agreed…2wks2W

If someone broke into your house or if there was a robbery at your store who would you call? And who would go there and help to protect you and right the situation? The police. People want to stand their and say all police are bad but the second something happens who are they hiding behind? Data points to the fact that majority of the police officers are in their field to help people in need, there’s only a handful that make these bad choices but then they get thrown into the public eye which causes everyone to label the police just because of a few of their wrong doings.

 @9FF99Q4 from Utah agreed…1wk1W

The police need to be stronger than the criminals to help keep us safe, and to keep criminals from making our world dangerous.

 @98MCK9C from Louisiana agreed…9mos9MO

The police are already underpaid already for how much work they do for the community and us.

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 @9FDY58Y from New York disagreed…1wk1W

i think that is one of the dumbest things we could do, without police criminals will overun everything because theres no fear factor of getting caught without police.

 @9FDS5YC from Wisconsin disagreed…1wk1W

How would that help those who need the police what solutions can be provided if the police was defunded I for one wouldn't want someone walking around carrying out vigilante justice

 @9FL8L7Y from California agreed…18hrs18H

According to an analysis by ABC OTV of state and local police funding and violent crime data in the U.S. between 1985 and 2020, there is no clear relationship between police spending and crime rates. Also, according to Brian Root for Human Rights Watch, increased police funding ignores underlying causes and inequalities behind violent crime.

 @9FL49J6 from New York agreed…24hrs24H

Historically speaking the formation and purpose of the police are to monitor and monetize marginalized communities

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No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

 @9FDC867 from Texas agreed…1wk1W

there are areas of the US that are over funded when they don't need to be, there should be a movement to branch out more high ranking officers into more high crime areas and cities. it would be an expedition but much more local.

 @ReferendumRob from Nebraska agreed…1wk1W

It's an interesting point you raise about redistributing resources. For instance, cities like Beverly Hills, which have lower crime rates, reportedly have more police per capita than cities like Detroit, which have higher crime rates. Is this a case of misallocation of resources? By reallocating high-ranking officers to high-crime areas, we could potentially see a significant impact on crime rates. However, how do you propose we ensure these changes happen without negatively affecting low-crime areas?

 @9FL8L7Y from California disagreed…18hrs18H

Training police more does not reduce crime or its effects. Only investing in education, housing, and food security will reduce crime.

 @9FL49J6 from New York disagreed…24hrs24H

Increase funding will likely be used for military grade weapons. The placing and funding of a system inherently racist will not solve it. Defund the police and reinvest in community social nets.

 @9FKKSCZ from Tennessee disagreed…1 day1D

If police budgets are larger than hospital budgets we have a problem. Many times the police are inefficient and struggle to solve crimes with outsized budgets and military grade equipment. The police are asked to perform services they aren't trained for and are outside their scope. Deescalating tense situations is something that another type of first responder might be better prepared for. Also, dollars gong towards police cannot be spent on housing, healthcare, and education things that promote the public good and reduce instances of crimes. I don't think the police create healthier or safer public spaces.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...3yrs3Y

Yes, replace police with unarmed community based responders for non-violent calls

 @9FFDMYZ from Massachusetts disagreed…1wk1W

I do not think the police should be abolished because no all police officers are bad and they save more than harm lives.

 @9FF7CN5 from Ohio disagreed…1wk1W

if you defund the police how are you gonna call 911 when someone robbing your house? Or how are you going to deal with an intruder without a weapon if they have one?

 @9FF4DVJ from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

While in writing this may seem like a good idea, what would happen if the incident becomes violent, are you willing to risk the life’s of more people by not bringing armed and qualified officers.

 @9FBPPGNRepublican from Pennsylvania disagreed…2wks2W

No, police have been trained to handle the non-violent and violent calls. Also, any non-violent situation can turn violent.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...3yrs3Y

Yes, and abolish the police

 @9FG8N8X  from Arkansas disagreed…6 days6D

The police are a strong deterrent for local crime, and the quality of the police department combined with the nature of local people are a large factor in crime.

 @9FDC867 from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

I think police with a questionable background, and history of complaints should absolutely be held accountable on all accounts. however, abolishing police is probably the dumbest idea weve ever had as a species, anarchy would ensue, general peace officers and all form of law enforcement are all necessary for society to function.

 @9FF99Q4 from Utah disagreed…1wk1W

You should not defund the police, they need to be funded enough to protect our communities or the crime levels will rise and less people will be safe.

 @9FG6CKLIndependent from South Dakota disagreed…6 days6D

Police are a necessity to the United States due to homicide rates as well as other crime rates like drug rate.

 @8KZ52SJ from Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

No, unless excessive funding is being given to police in a particular community at the expense of education and other beneficial social programs. Most of the time it is not that one needs to take from another, but that both need more attention.

 @8JQR5ZZPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, police should not be abolished however, they should no be called for all situations such as mental health crisis as they are not trained to deal with all matters.

 @8NVH9PW from Alabama answered…3yrs3Y

I'm mixed on this. I do want the funding to go to other programs but only if it helps the other programs and doesn't completely destroy the police.

 @8LXNRNMDemocrat from Louisiana answered…3yrs3Y

 @8HW7NQ9Independent from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

 @8NBW5VX from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

i believe some cops are good and some are bad but having untrained people come and tryto fight our crime is too risky

 @8NLCFW4 from Nebraska answered…3yrs3Y

they should have more restrictions and the government should be more strict about how the police does their job

 @8N44JDG from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

No, but train them more to speak instead of taking action and because now the public is afraid of the police when we should feel safe with them.

 @8JY3GDV from Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

 @8NCPZ7C from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

 @8K6XQHF from Virginia answered…3yrs3Y

There are good police and bad police, just as there are good priests and bad priests, good pastors/bad pastors, good people and bad people. We should spend money on adding mental health workers to train officers and work alongside them for certain cases. We should also have a no tolerance for any officer showing violence against any citizen except in cases of self defense. Officers should be made to have a body cam on at all times to protect them and citizens. Any officer not wearing a cam and/or in any act of violence should be fired and lose their pension. If officers know this ahead of time it will weed out the bad ones. I’m a white, moderate, and I am distraught over the black lives lost...and how soon they are forgotten and we just move on. This has to stop! We need police, but we need GOOD police.

 @8PSKZCY from New York commented…3yrs3Y

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

You are going to have a lot of problems with your body cam malfunction/lost pension. Unions will still exist.

I am distraught over all lives lost unjustly to police brutality, I don't care about the color of the victims skin. A human life should not be valued at race.

I will also say it is not as big a problem on this country as the media wants you to think. "White officer shoots black man" draws ratings because it stirs emotions and ultimately capitalizes and politicizes issues then powers that be know they can use to manipulate is into frenzy.

It's imperative we all use common sense and objective reasoning when reading about these stories instead of letting our emotions run wild.

 @7RYLNVTLibertarian from South Carolina commented…3yrs3Y

This is true but there should definitely be some more situational simulation training to prepare police for the calls they face.

 @8SRMXXS from Utah agreed…2yrs2Y

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

Not only that, but officers should also be required to take none-lethal, hand to hand disarmament/combat to seduce a violent criminal without causing serious injury. The people should also be required to attend mandatory education classes at least 2 a week every week, to help educate them about what to do in situations in which they are needed.

 @8NKL35Mfrom Montana answered…3yrs3Y

Funding should be somewhat redirected but police training should also be upgraded. More extensive and educational training along with proper de-escalating and tests to make sure there will be no bias in the officer's judgement.

 @8KSVDFWSocialist from Maine answered…3yrs3Y

defund and replace with a different system that will actually protect the people

 @8NDHZFH from Nebraska answered…3yrs3Y

No but the police should be demilitarized rather than abolished completely, and increase training for police departments

 @8L3P5W3 from Maine answered…3yrs3Y

No, but increase funding for social and community based programs at the same time

 @8NR4BF8 from Minnesota answered…3yrs3Y

 @8N2DTX9Greenfrom Maine answered…3yrs3Y

Increase training for police departments and redirect equipment funds to social programs

 @8KSSQFW from Maine answered…3yrs3Y

Funding for police should increase as well as money for social and community based programs.


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