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@9L7YRJG from Virginia answered…7mos

There are good police and bad police, just as there are good priests and bad priests, good pastors/bad pastors, good people and bad people. We should spend money on adding mental health workers to train officers and work alongside them for certain cases. We should also have a no tolerance for any officer showing violence against any citizen except in cases of self defense. Officers should be made to have a body cam on at all times to protect them and citizens. Any officer not wearing a cam and/or in any act of violence should be fired and lose their pension. If officers know this ahead of time it will weed out the bad ones. I’m a white, moderate, and I am distraught over the black lives lost...and how soon they are forgotten and we just move on. This has to stop! We need police, but we need GOOD police.

@9QTM2DZRepublican  from New York commented…5mos

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

You are going to have a lot of problems with your body cam malfunction/lost pension. Unions will still exist.

I am distraught over all lives lost unjustly to police brutality, I don't care about the color of the victims skin. A human life should not be valued at race.

I will also say it is not as big a problem on this country as the media wants you to think. "White officer shoots black man" draws ratings because it stirs emotions and ultimately capitalizes and politicizes issues then powers that be know they can use to manipulate is into frenzy.

It's imperative we all use common sense and objective reasoning when reading about these stories instead of letting our emotions run wild.

@Weston-LewisLibertarian from South Carolina commented…4mos

This is true but there should definitely be some more situational simulation training to prepare police for the calls they face.

@9TSNYYTVeteran from Utah agreed…5 days

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

Not only that, but officers should also be required to take none-lethal, hand to hand disarmament/combat to seduce a violent criminal without causing serious injury. The people should also be required to attend mandatory education classes at least 2 a week every week, to help educate them about what to do in situations in which they are needed.

@9TV3X8WWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…3 days

@9TWJ3JSPeace and Freedomfrom Virgin Islands  answered…1 day

@9TWHMJJDemocrat from Virginia answered…1 day

Some funding for local police departments should be redirected to social and community based programs, but not all funding.

@9TWGZ62Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…1 day

No, increase funding for police and allow for better training and checks on police systems in all areas.

@9TWGTR9Democrat from Texas answered…2 days

Yes, but as long as funding is good balance between law enforcement and community based programs

@9TVYM2BIndependent from Tennessee answered…2 days

Yes, replace police with unarmed community-based responders for non-violent calls, and increase training for police departments

@9TVNCPRWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3 days

Funding should be given to both police department and social community based programs

@9TV8SHWDemocrat from Minnesota answered…3 days

I think that we need to spend the money on rebuilding our police force from the ground up. Rehire, retrain and mental health checks before hiring, during the training and every month.

@9TV76K3Democrat from California answered…3 days

Increase funding to provide new training to all existing and new comer officers, regardless of how long their policing career has been as well as how violent their community is.

@9GNGFSSConstitution from New Jersey answered…8mos

@9GNG5G2Women’s Equality from Kentucky answered…8mos

Decrease the amount of funding for military equipment for police and use that for social and community programs

@9GNF4V6Independent from Michigan answered…8mos

Some funding should be redirected to unarmed community based responders.

@9GNDT2NConstitution from Florida answered…8mos

Increase training for police officers as well as direct funds to local community partnerships

@9GNC3JDWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…8mos

The police should not be defunded. But I do believe that there needs to be a reevaluation of policies and how officers train.

@9GNBSJ3Green from Tennessee answered…8mos

It should either be redirected somewhat or training should be increased to prevent violence on the police behalf

@9GNBJ8PWorking Family from Maryland answered…8mos

No, require more extensive training. Many other countries require years of training and even schooling.

@9GNB93HVeteran from Wisconsin answered…8mos

They should just be demilitarized, and only be able to carry pistols. Spending should be decreased, but we need armed police forces because it helps with protection of our cities and communities.

@9GN9SFJWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…8mos

No, but create better restrictions and better watch on the police so they have less will do do things without permissions.

@9GN9JBQPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…8mos

No, but spend much more time training and vetting potential officers and make sure that every police officer is fit for duty.

@9GN87XXLibertarian from Georgia answered…8mos

No, but other funding should be added for community/mental health based policing

@9GN846PPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…8mos

Yes and no. Police need more support and better training. However, they also need to be held accountable for irresponsible actions. There also needs to be more community relations support.

@9GN43TYVeteran from Maryland answered…8mos

Spending for local police departments should remain the same, but spending on social and community based programs should be increased.

@9GN3S24Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…8mos

no they should not take money away they just have to teach them how to do thigs right

@9GN3MB7Veteran from Texas answered…8mos

No, but redistribute some of their funding to add psychologists to their team, increase mental health support in the community, and open more homeless shelters... but quite frankly make grants for that vs grants for additional police funding.

@9GN34C7Constitution from New York answered…8mos

No, funding for prisons should be redirected to social and community based programs

@9GN33NYAmerican Solidarity from Kansas answered…8mos

No, increase training and awareness for police departments everywhere

@9GN2WXDDemocrat from Virginia answered…8mos

Let's imagine a world where we can maintain police funding AND enhance funding for social and community based programs!

@9GN2VT9Republican from Texas answered…8mos

Deunionize the police and spend the finding on increased training

@9GN2THHPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…8mos

We should defund a little bit of money from the police and give it to schools and teachers because teachers get paid very little and they are the reasons why we even have more then half the jobs people have.

@9GMZJVLWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…8mos

I believe they should focus on making the police they can be. This means that there should be more analyzing the officers and making sure they don’t cross the line

@9GMXQ55Women’s Equality from Georgia answered…8mos

Decrease police funding, increase community and social programs.

@9GMWYRFTranshumanist from Virginia answered…8mos

No, Dont think police should loose funding. But, I do think, Police need longer training periods. Take Norway they require 3years of Training, Police in Finland take 2 years of training, Same with Iceland 2 years of training. THE USA requires just 21 weeks of training. We really need longer Training periods until you become a Officer.

@9GMW6P4Libertarian from Texas answered…8mos

It's not the federal government's place to decide anything about local police forces, and as such, this question is irrelevant to the presidential candidates.

@9GMVW5RPeace and Freedom from New York answered…8mos

No but some should go towards both train police differently

@9GMVLJGWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…8mos

Police should have more funding, but redirect the funding into different types of de-escalation.

@9GMRV9VLibertarian from Georgia answered…8mos

No, Federal Government should not be able to dictate what communities do.

@9GMRTPLPeace and Freedom from Nebraska answered…8mos

I think they should stay where they area at because they are trained for situations they are in

@9GMRT96Democrat from Virginia answered…8mos

@9GMRJC2Democrat from North Carolina answered…8mos

Yes, but funding needs to be redirected in police departments for more extensive training and officer education

@9GMRGXJWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…8mos

@9GMRF6ZLibertarian from New Jersey answered…8mos


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