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 @9RK3894 from New York answered…2hrs2H

Can only sue if the gun company is involved in the shooting more than just the gun used, or sold illegally directly from…

 @9RJYV3D from Texas answered…3hrs3H

Yes, if it's found that the parties being sued were negligent, and not just the fact that a firearm was made and sold.

 @9N8MT4F from South Carolina answered…3hrs3H

Yes, but the federal government should not be spending taxpayer money on this. As long as the losing party pays all lega…

 @9RJQVTZ from Tennessee answered…8hrs8H

No, gun manufacturers play no part other than the assembly. It's unfair to hold them liable for someone else's actions.

 @9RJJXHF from Louisiana answered…14hrs14H

Yes but only the dealers and only if they are found to have not ran sufficient background checks and/or did not adhere t…

 @9RJ8B29 from Florida answered…17hrs17H

Yes, if it can be demonstrated that they or actions in the particular scenario did directly cause the damage, such as wi…

 @9RJ2ZK4 from Virginia answered…19hrs19H

I don’t think it’s the manufacturers fault. I think if we prosecute the middleman we won’t get anywhere

 @9RHQPZ8 from Colorado answered…23hrs23H

Only if the firearms manufacturers have broken the law aiding in the ability for someone to gain access to their product