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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs

Yes, and deregulate the energy sector to let the free market determine the best energy sources

@96J29WM from Texas answered…4mos

@smowery65from Virginia  answered…2yrs

Yes. There are millions of gallons of oil off Cuba. If we were able to drill offshore of Cuba and refine and sell our own fuel here, we would no longer have to rely on the Middle East.

@4S5T2QBfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

@4RG6QZPfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Why? Do you need that so badly? Are American people out of oil? Or do you want only money? :D Then, no way. Find safer ways (and more friendly to environment) to earn your useless money.

@4QR9WS5from Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

No, not until safety measures can be put in place to stop all oil leaks, with the Company CEO being held totally responsible with mandatory prison terms, if any negligence is proven.

@4RWZMJ2from Minnesota  answered…2yrs

@4RF9LRGConstitutionfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

Yes, deregulate the energy sector to let the free market determine the best energy sources, but nationalize oil to use 100% to fund expansion and Jewish population growth programs.

@98YWMKC from Arizona answered…18hrs

@98YWHNT from Utah answered…18hrs

If it hurts the earth than no. We currently rely on gasoline, which is polluting the air.

@AWeiseyyy24Republican from Minnesota answered…19hrs

@98XTZYKWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2 days

@98XTWPK from New Hampshire answered…2 days

We cannot end all offshore oil drilling without having alternative energy production incentives in place already. Keep the offshore oil drilling the same until we can find alternatives.

@98XTRHP from Maryland answered…2 days

I don’t know enough about the issue and it’s consequences to add my opinion.

@98XRHF5 from Massachusetts answered…3 days

As long as it doesn't pollute the ocean then I think it is a good idea

@98XNN2X from New York answered…3 days

@98XNBXZ from California answered…3 days

Yes, but only if it does minimal harm to surrounding marine life and environment

@98XMZX7 from California answered…3 days

@98XGTLZ from Connecticut answered…3 days

@98XDY8L from Connecticut answered…3 days

A little bit not much and find other more good sources for the enviorment

@98XCDYMIndependent from Tennessee answered…3 days

@98XBQ2K from Indiana answered…3 days

No, they should be finding better sources of elemental energy and element based energy sources.

@98WZSF6 from Georgia answered…4 days

Yes, and increase the environmental oversight for these companies. Also, implement higher penalties for violating established standards.

@98WYNXC from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

With reasonable regulations for neighbors and the States or Commonwealth beauty.

@98WY5WD from Michigan answered…5 days

Yes, the same environmental dangers that offshore drilling poses are the same that on shore drilling poses.

@regularjake55 from Minnesota answered…5 days

Yes, but only if it can be shown that there is a good reason to drill offshore rather than on land.

@98WN8FG from North Dakota answered…6 days

@98WL7M8Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@98WKM6N from Indiana answered…6 days

I believe that offshore oil drilling is too much of a risk. Many animals and plants are put in danger from it. Do not forget the Deepwater Horizon incident.

@98WKLGCWrite-In from Illinois answered…6 days

@98WKHM6 from Washington answered…6 days

@98WHL99 from Colorado answered…6 days

yes and no because it is not good for the invornment but we need gas.

@98WHGH2 from Colorado answered…6 days

no we should open up our oil drilling back up and open up out gas lines again

@98WHB8KRepublican from Texas answered…6 days

@98WGQPB from Kansas answered…6 days


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