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 @9H4SKGC from New York agreed…7mos7MO

There are already better ways of extracting energy instead of oil because energy can replace oil & is more renewable


If we were to expand the oil drilling we are killing each other more by making out home planet sick with all this air population we should work smarter and at a team to see what we can do to make healthy energy to drive and other things that we use oil for .

 @9H3GBGBPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania agreed…7mos7MO

I get the need for oil drilling but I feel like we constantly advance in things that we necessarily don't need like cars, phones, etc. By now, I feel as though we should have a better way to figure out a substitute for oil drilling because of the damage and mess it creates.

 @9H2KCDG from Arizona agreed…7mos7MO

Gas which is oil which is used everyday and costs much money for people. Electric is safer for people and will lower spending costs for gas.

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 @9GV5DV6Democrat from Michigan disagreed…7mos7MO

Oil is only a temporary solution to supply the world with energy. We need to invest now into long-term, sustainable forms of energy that are not polluting Earth. The fact that we will run out soon means we are not creating a viable situation for our future generations. Its time we stop leaving burdens for future people. Climate change is going to continue to grow if we don't make changes now.

 @9GV8W98 from Washington agreed…7mos7MO

Yes. I agree that we need to find different solutions and fund our current other solutions that could be great substainable energy sources that would work, they just need more time, money, and energy put into them by the government and other investors in order to preserve the planet and prolong our time on the earth


I do agree with this comment. Oil drilling is not only harmful to the planet from its pollutants, both directly in the case of oil spills and indirectly with polluting of the atmosphere, but it isn't reliable. There's only going to be so much oil and, eventually, we're going to run out. If we do so without enough energy already available to replace it, our society is doomed.

 @9GV84MN  from Virginia agreed…7mos7MO

Agree. Sustainable forms of energy need to be a top priority so we can limit the impact of climate change and reduce reliance on a form of energy that, once depleted, will cripple the world economy.

 @9H3BNZ4 from Texas disagreed…7mos7MO

The pollution within the air from oil drilling and the damage to the marine and land environment shows extreme climate change as a result.

 @9H28X6H from Indiana disagreed…7mos7MO

Instead of destroying the environment, endangering our marine ecosystems, and leaning toward our dependence on oil, I think it would be beneficial to move away from fossil fuels and move toward renewable energy. This transition would create jobs, benefit the economy, save the environment, and set the world up to continue producing energy indefinitely instead of relying on finite resources.

 @9H2F5SY from Idaho disagreed…7mos7MO

Oil drilling can be devastating for the environment, its unhealthy for the planet and should be reduced as much as possible

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No, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production

 @9LZ76K8 from Michigan agreed…2mos2MO

We need to focus our efforts away from oil drilling and focus more on finding better alternatives to energy in order to save the planet since this is an immediate need.

 @9LSZVNT  from Florida agreed…2mos2MO

The best way to encourage an international effort to prevent global warming would be to provide incentives for alternative energy, like increasing tariffs on oil and decreasing tariffs on cleaner resources.

 @9JS9PB3 from Oregon agreed…4mos4MO

We should look into a cleaner way of energy for some regions of the earth. The way we are receiving our energy is lazy and not optimal at all.

 @9J924KQ from Michigan agreed…5mos5MO

There is no need for oil drilling. We are on the verge of running out of this oil anyway. We should be switching to alternative energy instead. This is going to happen with an increase in lithium usage worldwide. And no, we should not be mining this lithium. The Sultan Sea projects can easily provide more than enough lithium without ever touching mine. We can pull the lithium out while simultaneously, creating clean energy from geothermal plants. It is currently estimated that we can provide enough lithium for over 380 million vehicles. There are currently 300 million registered in the U.S.. That would make us completely self-reliant from other countries.

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Yes, and deregulate the energy sector to let the free market determine the best energy sources

 @9H4SKGC from New York disagreed…7mos7MO

They're becoming lazy by just looking for easier ways of harvesting the Earth's natural resources & should focus more on finding better alternate ways of harnessing better, renewable energy

 @9H4SSN9Democratfrom Maine disagreed…7mos7MO

I agree that we should deregulate most parts of the energy sector to let the market create better alternatives, but oil drilling has no future and is hugely detrimental to our environment.

 @9F4NHKTPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin disagreed…10mos10MO

And while I somewhat agree with you on the energy sector, there would be no good in expanding offshore oil drilling as it threatens most if not all of life, even the workers, It's also not too costly. If we do expand it we will be creating more pollution, something that we're trying to avoid and fix. Also, what are you going to do when the oil reaches the ocean? it will lead to a decrease in sea life, leaving the food chain to become unbalanced.

 @NobleAnteaterRepublicanfrom Maine disagreed…10mos10MO

While I completely understand your concern about the potential environmental impact of offshore oil drilling, it's important to note that the industry has evolved significantly over the years. For instance, advancements in technology have significantly reduced the likelihood of spills and leaks. In addition, safety protocols for workers have improved tremendously.

As for pollution, while it is true that oil and gas production does contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, it's worth mentioning that natural gas is a much cleaner energy source compared to coal. As a transition fuel,…  Read more

 @9H3GBGBPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania disagreed…7mos7MO

Even though there is negatives to oil drilling, it does have many positives. For instance, it supports millions of Americans jobs, provides lower energy costs for consumers, and ensures our energy security

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No, and nationalize the energy sector

 @9FPTLGFProgressivefrom Maine disagreed…9mos9MO

Present day the world has changed into a geopolitical battleflied. America needs to be autarkic when it comes to its energy independence.

 @9G9D7QW from Nebraska agreed…8mos8MO

I would like to change my answer to simply No, and reason being, it destroys land, animals, and our planet as whole.

 @9G7MBRY from Utah agreed…8mos8MO

If profit drives free market decisions, but the entire country more or less needs energy and must pay for it, profit thus comes from cost cutting, extortion, and gouging, rather than effective or efficient energy. This means that the free market determination that the best option will win can no longer be true, as the most profitable option is not the same as the most effective or good option. Privatized energy also stratifies access to energy by income level, which further decreases class mobility (a poor person becoming richer) by limiting poor people's access to effective energy plans.

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No, but maintain our current offshore oil wells

 @9GYQJ9S from Minnesota disagreed…7mos7MO

if we dont get rid of the wells, they could cause air pollution, but if we create more wells the pollution will affect us more in the future but we will make more money, so I think its best to do whats best for our futures and the future of our planet and get rid of all of the wells.

 @9HKT3BM from Hawaii agreed…6mos6MO

There is still a heavy reliance on oil for energy and gas, therefore until humanity is able to make the transition to fully alternative energy we need to still have some oil.

 @9G5NCQ5 from Maryland agreed…8mos8MO

Oil drilling is necessary to obtain fuel for industry, heating, vehicles, and petroleum byproducts like plastic., but it must regulated to prevent oil spills and protect the environment.

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 @smowery65from Virginia answered…4yrs4Y

Yes. There are millions of gallons of oil off Cuba. If we were able to drill offshore of Cuba and refine and sell our own fuel here, we would no longer have to rely on the Middle East.

 @4S5T2QBfrom Pennsylvania answered…4yrs4Y

 @4RG6QZPfrom Maine answered…4yrs4Y

Why? Do you need that so badly? Are American people out of oil? Or do you want only money? :D Then, no way. Find safer ways (and more friendly to environment) to earn your useless money.

 @8SXHGSZ from Alabama answered…3yrs3Y

 @4RWZMJ2from Minnesota answered…4yrs4Y

 @4QR9WS5from Wisconsin answered…4yrs4Y

No, not until safety measures can be put in place to stop all oil leaks, with the Company CEO being held totally responsible with mandatory prison terms, if any negligence is proven.

 @4RF9LRGConstitutionfrom Colorado answered…4yrs4Y

Yes, deregulate the energy sector to let the free market determine the best energy sources, but nationalize oil to use 100% to fund expansion and Jewish population growth programs.

 @97N2MHC from Missouri answered…2yrs2Y

 @9J24W5N from Florida answered…5mos5MO

I mean, we have to rely on fossil fuels for energy in our nation. Until we can integrate a more fuel efficient and a reusable resource, then we'll have to use fossil fuels as a crutch.

 @9D3RPBQfrom Guam answered…11mos11MO

 @8YZ368Z from California answered…2yrs2Y


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