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 @982KTCH from Michigan commented…12mos12MO

Let people love people as long as they aren't hurting them! Gay rights are HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

 @98J5RRMWomen’s Equality from Washington commented…11mos11MO

I AGREE! We are all humans, why does it matter who you choose to love?

  @lemans3427Republican from California agreed…7mos7MO

Love is love, and it is a fundamental human right to be able to choose who you love and be with that person legally. Denying someone the right to marry the person they love simply because of their gender is a form of discrimination. And we know from history that discrimination is never the right way to go. Just imagine if people were denied the right to marry based on their race or religion! That would be unacceptable. So why should we deny someone the right to marry based on their sexual orientation? That's just wrong.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle that the LGBTQ+ community faces when it comes to achieving full equality?

 @IamSirius32Green from Ohio agreed…3wks3W

It's not even our problem what people do. It's their choice. We shouldn't harass them just because they're different. This is quite litterally a matter of human rights.

 @9CJY7NWfrom Guam disagreed…5mos5MO

long as they aren't hurting them! Gay rights are HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

Don't get me wrong, I support same sex marriage. However, I believe that if Religious services don't want to serve them, they don't have to.

 @9DYZY7MUnity from Georgia commented…3mos3MO

Well, I can't speak for all religions, but in the case of Christianity, you shouldn't turn people away from God. He loves all of his children, even the those in sin, and you are doing more harm than good by discouraging them from having a relationship with God. As someone who has always been gay, I loved going to church and I still believe that I have a strong connection with God. However, I don't understand why other Christians turn people like me away. It may be a sin, but everyone sins, and God already knows what we will do. Also, if you have your own beliefs about the LGBTQ…  Read more

 @MandateCakeRepublicanfrom Pennsylvania disagreed…3mos3MO

That is a heartfelt perspective. However, one could also argue that the essence of respect means acknowledging and honoring others' deeply held beliefs, even when they differ from our own. For instance, while some Christians indeed embrace the LGBTQ+ community, there are others whose interpretation of their faith leads them to a different viewpoint. It's not about turning people away from God, but a conscientious adherence to what they believe their faith mandates.

 @9GHLMVN from Minnesota agreed…1mo1MO

We live in a country of freedom and choice, it's unreasonable to restrict others personal lives based on differing preferences, and even if argued that it's against certain religious values the government cannot place laws into effect based on those values as that would be declaring one religion above all others.

 @9GMY3DQ  from South Carolina agreed…4wks4W

Limiting gay marriage is unconstitutional according to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment: "nor shall any State ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

 @988FD26Women’s Equality from Missouri commented…12mos12MO

 @9FD4KFM from Pennsylvania agreed…2mos2MO

If you think the government should control that because you're religious, that's going against your religion in multiple ways because the church and state should be separate and you shouldn't force your religion on anyone else. Also, if you think it's wrong, it's no one else's problem because everyone has different opinions.

 @9F82FYR from California agreed…3mos3MO

This is love, it is between two, consenting adults, it is a chance for people to love who they are with.

 @9G48XSTLibertarian from Colorado agreed…2mos2MO

Two people of the same gender being in a relationship doesn't affect your life if you aren't involved with it. Why should their relationship matter when it literally has no effect on you?

 @9FXRF8N from New York agreed…2mos2MO

Once again, there is no reason for Gay Marriage to be illegal, as every opposition is rooted within some sort of religious belief. Which should not be brought into legal arguments.

 @9GL7DKZ from Connecticut agreed…4wks4W

Marriage began as being about property. By marrying a woman, or girl, a man had control over her and her rights. Since, marriage has evolved to be about love and partnership, and that initial practical application (which was never very ethical in the first place) has become irrelevant. Of course, you may be able to save some money, which is very practical, but two women or men could just as well benefit. The fact is, love is not defined by our imposing societal structures, a book, or the experiences of a few who refuse to practice sympathy or see the bigger picture. Being gay is not a choice, and it cannot turn into a confine, as any other way of life may not just be a confine but a living hell. Two sides of the same coin.

 @99GHF52 from Ohio commented…9mos9MO

You should let people be happy who identify under LGBTQ. How would you feel if you weren’t allowed to love the opposite gender?

 @9BYHRVG from Washington disagreed…6mos6MO

 @9GW4QYG from Texas agreed…3wks3W

The right to marry should be a personal choice that the government shouldn't intervene on. They just want to be happy and they almost always are when they are given the same rights.

 @9GH5LX3Women’s Equality from Washington agreed…1mo1MO

I believe that everyone should have the ability to marry whoever they want. Attraction isn't always something you have control over and it is not fair to punish someone because they don't love the same kind of people you do. Not being considered "normal" or "the standard," which is the most antiquated, stereotypical bull **** I've ever seen, shouldn't be a crime.

 @9GMSZ22 from Minnesota agreed…4wks4W

It is none of my business who or why people want to marry one another. It affects me zero, and the idea that we would try and limit this is just pointless.

 @9GX2R62 from California agreed…2wks2W

Homosexuality has been present in humanity for centuries. It is and has been natural for such relationships to exist. The same level of companionship that is present in heterosexual marriages can often be found in homosexual couples.

 @9GGKZHT from Washington agreed…1mo1MO

The way I see it is that if people are happy then I am happy. And even if I am not, it is not my life and I should let people do what they want to to be happy if it is not affecting me. And people being gay does not affect me. I don't know what they feel or think and I shouldn't be able to control their lives if it isn't hurting me in any way. According to a recent survey around 7.2 percent of Americans identify with the LGBTQ+ group. I wouldn't want to deny them the right to be in a happy relationship.

 @9FZJG7M from Florida agreed…2mos2MO

As long as no one is being abused in the relationship what is it anyone’s business? What/who gives anyone the right to judge if we’re speaking in a biblical sense? For those people will too be judge by God with the same or greater form of judgment they applied to that or those individuals.

 @9H37RX6 from Maryland agreed…2wks2W

Gay marriage does not effect anyone but the people who decide to get married. The concept is also not new despite what homophobes would like you to believe. There's been many scriptures that involve homosexuality that date back the creation of the U.S.

 @9GYY6SZ from Oregon agreed…2wks2W

Its no one's business but those involved, and people are free to have whatever opinion they please on the topic, they may reject the concept or embrace it, it doesn't particularly matter; it is purely out of respect for every citizen, every person, that they may apply their marriage as they see fit, without the worry of how other will interpret it. And if a marriage between a man-and-a-man and a woman-and-a-woman are seldom different than a marriage between a man-and-a-woman, besides procreation, which, itself, does not require marriage, then I see no reason to prohibit it, nor provide a definiton that accomplishes the same.

 @9GJBHPZ from New York agreed…1mo1MO

Gay marriage isn't hurting/killing anyone. In fact, the people who don't agree with it are actively hurting and killing people just because it doesn't make sense to them.
If you or a loved one were to be killed just because you were in a heterosexual relationship you would be upset and disgusted too. It is unfair to deny anyone their right to be happy.

 @9FLLXLM from Missouri agreed…2mos2MO

If you had a son who you always imagined to love sports and parties and straight but he actually turned out to be attracted to men would you still love him? If not did you ever love him? He is the same person. And that could go for any sex or situation.

 @9GMHSCW from Virginia agreed…4wks4W

If you disagree with gay marriage and are a Christian you are contracting yourself. The bible literally says love thy neighbor. How can you love your neighbor if you are actively trying to take away their rights.

 @9FQXSJTDemocrat from South Carolina agreed…2mos2MO

The only reason I have heard is that they do not agree because the bible says so. The first amendment clearly states that you have the right to practice your own religion and that the government cannot favor a religion over another. Just because someone's religion says they gay marriage is not approved of, does not mean that they can force their religious beliefs on others. If you do not like it, you can simply just not participate in it.

 @9FLDYDTLibertarian from Ohio agreed…2mos2MO

when a gay couple is going to get married it will not impact America. In realty, nothing changes besides 1 more couple. Just let them love.

 @9GKRBMW from New York agreed…4wks4W

Gay people should definitely be able to get married because similar to a heterosexual relationship, two people love each other. Because of this, they should be allowed to legally get married.

 @9BVWL4C from Texas disagreed…7mos7MO

cuase thats gay no offence but there should only be a guy and women in love and no diffrent genders

 @9DYZY7MUnity from Georgia commented…3mos3MO

ok but thats your opinion not trying to change your mind but you should at least respect other people regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

 @9FPTX96 from Illinois agreed…2mos2MO

According to a report from the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, each year just over 1 percent of gay and lesbian partnerships dissolve, compared with an annual divorce rate of 2 percent among straight couples. In the United States, approximately 1% of married same-sex couples divorce each year, while 2.5% of married straight couples divorce each year. When comparing gay marriages to straight marriages, data shows that gay people typically stay together longer and divorce less.

 @9GLNYHF from Minnesota agreed…4wks4W

The rise in support for same-sex marriage over the past decade is among the largest changes in opinion on any policy issue over this time period. A new national survey finds that much of the shift is attributable to the arrival of a large cohort of young adults – the Millennial generation – who are far more open to gay rights than previous generations. Equally important, however, is that 14% of all Americans – and 28% of gay marriage supporters – say they have changed their minds on this issue in favor of gay marriage.

 @9GJCZ2P from Florida agreed…1mo1MO

they are still people and citizens therefore they should be awarded the same rights as everyone else

 @9G4VFCG from Virginia agreed…2mos2MO

no matter how much evidence or how many statistics you show people they will believe in what they want

 @9GGW2CH from Nevada agreed…1mo1MO

Only 2% of first gay marriages end in divorce, compared to heterosexual marriages which is 50 to 60 percent.

 @9G8NPJ8 from California agreed…1mo1MO

This data is all from a study published on October 3rd, 2023 in the scientific journal, Nature Communications. The study is titled "The evolution of same-sex sexual behaviour in mammals"
- Same-sex sexual behaviour, that is, any attempted sexual activity between members of the same sex has been reported in over 1500 animal species
- Same-sex sexual behaviour has been reported in 261 mammalian species (about 4% of the species) belonging to 62 families (about 50% of the families) and 12 orders (63% of the orders)
- Same-sex sexual behaviour is particularly prevalent in nonhuman primat…  Read more

 @9BV6ZSQ  from Washington agreed…7mos7MO

there is no reason to say no. even if laws against same-sex marraage do not influence you, there is no reason to be against it. It does not effect anyone in a negative way


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