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@5RFGLZPRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…12mos

Yes only to veto the two state solution that's just the same thing as Hitler's final solution

@5R7SV9CRepublicanfrom Pennsylvania  answered…12mos

I agree with Trump and his decisions and determination on how to deal with United Nations. about time we're talking about this and we wouldn't be if he didn't bring it up.

@5RS6SB9Libertarianfrom Washington  answered…12mos

No, and remove the U.N. entirely from existence. It is absolutely the biggest threat to our sovereignty as an independent nation and our freedom from a one world slavery system a.k.a. the NWO.

@5XB92QLRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…12mos

We should push for an organization that only allows countries who respect human rights to have a say. Example: Why was Uganda under Idi Amin in the `70s and Lybia in 2003 allowed to have Najat al-Hajjaji in charge of the UN human rights commission? Like asking Hitler to oversee violations in a Concentration camp.

@5SFDX7HDemocratfrom Montana  answered…12mos

The USA should obey INTERNATIONAL LAW. We can cooperate fully with the U.N. without losing our sovereignty. Lately the USA has been a rogue nation.

@5QS7XY9Democratfrom Colorado  answered…12mos

Calling the UN a "world government" is fallacious. It's more akin to an international negotiating table with a name and a permanent staff to keep it running. What we need is an actual world government. See you in 100 years.

@5QPTKFKGreenfrom Virginia  answered…12mos

Yes, and membership fees should be scaled based on population and GDP. We would still pay the lion's share, but other nations contributions would increase.

@5R454RMDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…12mos

Yes but rotate the headquarters. Sick of paying the costs and lawbreaking done by some "diplomats" and their family members.

@5PZ3HGLLibertarianfrom Utah  answered…12mos

What UN? The one that ignores the human rights violations of Saudi and the other Islamic terrorists factories? Why does it exist? Human Rights are not involved in the current agenda. If it exists it should function as it is funded. Currently it does not.

@Alan-DjikkaityIndependent from New York agreed…8mos

I agree, I support the concept, but we need to exile the nations that dont obey human rights laws that we made in the first place

@5WXGKY7Republicanfrom Michigan  answered…12mos

yes and move the UN HQ to Moscow, Russia so we can plant at least 500 additional spies over there:)

@5RQDT2YDemocratfrom Colorado  answered…12mos

Yes, we need our allies to back us up, and they need us. The very notion that we leave is so misinformed and stupid that I am borderline incapable of appreciating the irony in it.

@5RX7VY4Republicanfrom North Dakota  answered…12mos

Donald Trump is correct. We need to renegotiate our affiliation with both the UN and NATO. If they cannot begin to provide funding for their own operations, then they need to go. The US has become their funding for anything they choose to do and America is fed up paying for their nonsense. We either need to have more control over what they choose to do or they need to get other countries to pay for it!

@9XNLNSSRepublican from Arizona answered…14hrs

Stay only to preserve our influence in that organization. Other countries need to start pulling their weight and actions of powerful members such as Russia and China need to be punished.

@9XNCTB6Working Family from Arkansas answered…2 days

@9XMPR6QIndependent from Wisconsin answered…2 days

@9XL8865Socialist from North Carolina answered…4 days

@9SC9BFZIndependent from New Jersey answered…8mos

Yes, but push for change in massive reforms to make the U.N. more effective.

@9S9V9VZDemocrat from New York answered…8mos

Yes, but acknowledge it’s imperfect and work to hold it more accountable for its missteps

@markisabellaAmerican Solidarity from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, move U.N. headquarters to Switzerland and reform the security council.

@9HS6HJTLibertarian from New York answered…1yr

@9GNB4DYVeteran from Nebraska answered…1yr

Yes, but reduce our funding, and remove all special considerations given to all foreign visitors regardless of their country or their rank within it, when in U.S. soil. This includes parking of vehicles in New York, hotel accommodations, etc.

@9F8KBD6Women’s Equality from Maryland answered…1yr

Yes, but ensure that we leverage our funding to ensure that the UN doesn’t reward countries for not committing to UN standars. Human right violators for instance shouldn’t sit on the UN human rights body. It has To improve its metrics for criteria

@9XKMGNVWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…5 days

Yes because it helps to advance towards a more peaceful society

@dgilb43Transhumanist from North Carolina answered…5 days

Yes, and the United Nations should evolve to be more effective at what it is designed to do. It should be more aggressive at trying to connect the world and prosper.

@9XJKD9HConstitution from North Carolina answered…6 days

Yes, but possible reduce how much money the U.S. annually contributes if necessary.

@9XJ78CLRepublican from North Dakota answered…6 days

Yes but the other members need to put equal amounts of funding forth

@9XHW7D3Republican from Wisconsin answered…7 days

Yes, but don't spend as much of our tax money. The United States had paid so much more than the other countries in the United Nations.

@9XG779QWorking Family from Texas answered…1wk

Yes/No, (No) In my opinion, I despise the UN because the want peace, but they aren't giving us peace. If they wanted peace then they wouldn't have a military.
(Yes) since the UN was made in America, if we took the UN away then we would take away a big part of America.

@9XDGBT4Libertarian from Virginia answered…2wks

Only if all those in the UN are contributing and the UN is equal in it's handling of issues.

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes, but we should also pursue a course of action that eliminates the permanent SC seats, eliminates the veto, and empowers the GA.

@9X5ZPHXConstitution from Kentucky answered…3wks

@9X5Y34WRepublican from Tennessee answered…3wks

Yes, but only stay in to help countries that suffer from a natural disaster that need help to remain a country and clean up remains.

@9X5Q5R5Democrat from Texas answered…3wks

I do not fully know what the U.N. does and how it affects us so I am neutral in this situation until I further my research.

@9X2KCT5Transhumanist from Nevada answered…3wks

To protect everyone and be safe as well as protect each other

@9WYR7FSConstitution from Ohio answered…4wks

Yes, but the U.N needs to quit depending so heavily for our financial aid

@9WY8T7PRepublican from California answered…4wks

@9WSSZRPProgressive from Colorado answered…4wks

Yes, because every nation has a voice in these worldly conflicts.


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