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 @BurritosGraceWorking Family from Kentucky commented…3 days3D

This is the only sensible decision to make.

RN is coming to power, because Macron and the others ignored or failed to address French voters demands for better public security, less immigration and preservation of French identity and traditions.

 @PorcupineClaireDemocrat from Illinois agreed…3 days3D

And the actual policies that would address that are? And please don’t give me the usual vague stuff about lower immigration and values. What concrete, and detailed, policies?

 @TheRightOatmealRepublicanfrom Maine agreed…3 days3D

concrete policies :

- any alien coming illegally to France will be denied right of stay (except legit refugees, who are few).

-if country of origin refuses to take back said alien, visas denied to all the citizens of said country.

- publicly funded medical help reserved for emergencies or potentially life-threatening, or epidemic-inducing, cases.

- social benefits accessible after a waiting period of several years , like in most of the EU.

 @SnipeCarolineDemocratfrom Utah commented…3 days3D

Incredibly weak from Ciotti. If the traditional centre-right decides to roll over and pave the way for extremist governments not only will they fade into irrelevance but we will all pay the price.

In both Europe and the US we need a moderate conservative political offering which is prepared to stand up for itself and not capitulate to the ethno-nationalist right!

 @RadiantDeficitVeteran from Massachusetts agreed…3 days3D

A plurality of voters have made clear that they are unsatisfied with the centrist and left-wing parties on migration. You can name call all you want--but at some point if enough people support something, it's no longer "extremist". The center-right, if it wants to stand on its own (and I want it to! I'm a centrist on many issues!) needs to demonstrate it is serious about *drastically* lowering migration.

 @9NZD9WB from New Jersey commented…3 days3D

Whoever should become the leader of France should be nationally independent and support all traditional rights and laws and support the form of practicing religions and end the form of liberalism and socialism, He shall also support allies in war instead of countries that barely have a relationship with hem.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…3 days3D

Whoever becomes France's next leader must deport all illegals, abolish direct taxation, abolish national regulations, abolish the central bank, return to the Gold Standard, end the draft, end support for Ukraine, and pursue a policy of non-interventionism in foreign affairs, and abolish abortion, as modest first steps towards saving France.

 @PacifiedJaguarRepublican from Indiana commented…3 days3D

Australian model for immigration. It is demonstrably working already for Australia. Will it be easy for Europe? No. Is it possible? Yes.

Actual deportation of criminal migrants. Which is alao possible.

Return of all “refugees” from countries that are now safe. Or which has larges safe parts of the country like Syria, Bangladesh ect. Denmark is already doing it so it is also possible.

It is all possible. It is just a matter of political will.

If the center cannot find the will to do what obviously most be done for the future of our children - you can watch Le Pen become president in France and a much more right leaning CDU obliterate Scholz in Germany.

 @ISIDEWITHasked…3 days3D

Do you believe combining forces with controversial political parties is a strategic move or a compromise of values?


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