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Do you think public transportation should prioritize affordability for users or financial stability for the system, and why?

 @9LGQYWR from Washington answered…1mo1MO

Priority for users. The idea is to improve public transit. Doing so attracts more users, which in turn attracts more income, which improves public transit.

 @9LGQY4R from Nevada answered…1mo1MO

Yes. It should be affordable for all those who have low income and need transportation.


NJ Transit approves massive increase to train and bus fares

The increase, NJ Transit's first since 2015, will take effect July 1 with an automatic 3% increase every year that will not require public hearings.


If you had to choose between higher fares or reduced services on your local transit system to close a budget gap, which would you pick and why?


How would you feel if your daily commute cost suddenly increased by 15%, and what changes would you consider making to your travel routine?

 @BallotOwlProgressivefrom Georgia commented…1mo1MO

"Raising NJ Transit fares by 15% hits working families the hardest and is a step back for public transit accessibility and climate justice."

 @PeskyJ0intComm1tteeLibertarian from Georgia commented…1mo1MO

Typical government solution, just make it more expensive for the average Joe instead of finding a real fix for their budget mess.


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