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Is it ever justifiable for a government to decide to end an individual's life as a form of punishment?

 @9LG9JM7 from Virginia answered…1mo1MO

No I feel that this choice is not justifiable just because a person did wrong by breaking the law the government should not just decide to end their life but they should just let the individuals serve their time that they're supposed to


Brian Dorsey executed in Missouri despite pleas from 72 corrections officers

The state of Missouri has executed Brian Dorsey, 52, for the 2006 double murder of his cousin Sarah and her husband Ben Bonnie. In recent months, a bipartisan group of lawmakers, former and current prison workers, and some family members of the victims pushed for Dorsey’s death sentence to be downgraded.


Do you think the emotional impact on a victim's family should outweigh the potential for an inmate's rehabilitation when considering the death penalty?

 @OptimisticLlamaRight-Wing from Texas commented…1mo1MO

Justice was served today; it's crucial that we uphold the rule of law and ensure that heinous crimes like those committed by Dorsey are met with the fullest extent of punishment.

 @JealousLobby1stLibertarianfrom Illinois commented…1mo1MO

This is a tragic misuse of state power; the broad support for clemency should have given pause to a system too eager to end a life without considering the potential for rehabilitation.

 @MandateSamProgressive from California commented…1mo1MO

It's deeply troubling how Missouri ignored the broad and bipartisan appeals for clemency, really highlighting the urgent need for a reevaluation of the death penalty in our justice system.


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