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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

Yes, because I don’t trust the government to define the boundaries of hate speech

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

No, freedom of speech laws should only protect you from criticizing the government

@98WDF8B from Texas answered…1 day

@98VW4JPPeace and Freedom from Louisiana answered…2 days

@98VMQRL from Florida answered…3 days

Yes, though people who say things considered as "Hate Speech" should in turn be able to get socially reprimanded or chastised by their peers, workplace, etc.

@98R6GGY from Texas answered…1wk

I think todays society is very sensitive, and hate speech is extremely dumb.

@98PLMMT from Minnesota answered…2wks

No, but I also don't trust the US government to define hate speech

@98P23LB from Washington answered…2wks

Yes, as long as any results of hate speech can be penalized (for example if someone suicides, anyone who contributed to a mental health decline through hate speech should be convicted.)

@98NQCLV from Texas answered…2wks

@98MWL3M from New Hampshire answered…2wks

Depends on the type of hate speech. If its outrages then no. If it's minimum, then yes.

 @-_zephyrthefox_- from Alabama answered…3wks

No, freedom of speech does not give you the right to say hurtful and hateful things based off something people cannot help.

 @98HYLN4 from California answered…4wks

Yes, I don't respect people who promote hate speech or conspiracy theories online, but the government should not regulate individual-created apps, websites, blogs, and other platforms; this is worse than blaming the parents for their children's actions.

@98HP524Democrat from Arkansas answered…4wks

No, increase penalties for hate speech and you should have to go to jail for any racist or offensive

@98HPNWL from Indiana agreed…4wks

I agree with this besides the jail part. You should only go to jail when it threatens violence. Other than that it should just be fines.

@98HJ8HG from Arkansas answered…4wks

@98GB573 from Illinois answered…1mo

@98CSZ2LWomen’s Equality from Wyoming answered…1mo

No, hate speech is a form of assault on a person, even if it isn't verbal.

@98CKD4QLibertarian from Louisiana answered…2mos

Yes, as long as it does not threaten violence, defamation, or incitement.

@98BXPB7 from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

No, but have a council of certified people from minority groups define the boundaries of hate speech, and increase penalties for hate speech

@98BSMWD from Wisconsin answered…2mos

Depends on what the hate speech is about, if it’s about how our government is then yea go for it I’ll support you, but if it’s against a race or the lgbtq or religion then no get out we have no place for the likes of people like that.

@989J3CJ from Oregon answered…2mos

@989GWDJ from Ohio answered…2mos

Hate speech inherently incites violence. However, the government should not get involved with punishment as they are untrustworthy. I believe that allowing businesses and managers to fire those who do say hate speech should be allowed to fire them immediately without severance or notice, even in states that aren't at-will.

@988Z336 from Texas answered…2mos

They have the freedom of speech, but their not free from the consequences that come from saying hate speech

@988WB9N from Indiana answered…2mos

we have the right to say whatever we want and if they don't like it they can go back to where they really come from.

@988PL7B from West Virginia answered…2mos

Yes because if the government controls one they can control other freedom of speech I hate discrimination against others but I love our freedom to speak freely

@MD100 from Illinois answered…2mos

Yes, allow all speech except direct incitement that leads to a crime

@988933VSocialist from New York answered…2mos

No, the first amendment is meant to protect speech that doesn't create "a clear and present danger".

@984TKGX from Indiana answered…2mos

No, free speech is meant to allow people to speak their minds, not to protect them from the consequences of said beliefs.

@xparkieeIndependent from Texas answered…2mos

No, but I don't trust the government to define the boundaries of hate speech.

@984GYPFfrom Maine  answered…2mos

No, but there should be clear boundaries of what constitutes "hate speech", being truly harmful in both actions and intentions and borderline threats of violence rather than petty online arguments.

@9847BHX from South Carolina answered…2mos

Based on the way I define this, which is actively saying things against a specific person or group of people (but saying your beliefs is fine), no.

@9844ZCZ from Indiana answered…2mos

Yes, and the only speech that should not be protected by the 1st Amendment is that which explicitly calls for violence (except against tryannical governments).

@984447DCommunist from Arkansas answered…2mos

Yes, but social media has a right to ban you if it is a private owned business

@983H95L from California answered…2mos

@9839FDH from Texas answered…2mos

Yes. However, that doesn't make a hate speech moral, accurate or ethical. The social repercussions and consequences of pontificating a hate speech are going to be wide ranging. If someone is stupid enough to do that, by all means I suppose it's their right.

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2mos

No, because it normally threatens or encourages violence towards another individual or group of people due to their religious and/or political beliefs or sexual identity

@9833LH4 from Virginia answered…2mos

People just need to leave each other alone, I don't think its that difficult.

@982R9XTDemocrat from Arkansas answered…2mos

Yes, unless several people are getting verbally harassed by a specific person and they have a one or more instances of telling/making people kill themselves.

@982MSY2Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2mos

It depends on the problem the speaker is addressing in his or her hate speech

@982CP5H from Arkansas answered…2mos

Yes, hate speech is technically allowed by the first amendment. But that does not affect how private companies or individuals policies on it, and does not leave those saying hate speech free from consequence.

@97ZZW3Z from Virginia answered…2mos

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…2mos

Begrudgingly yes as long as it does not threaten violence or cause violence.

@97ZG97PDemocrat from New York answered…2mos


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