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@AWeiseyyy24Republican from Minnesota answered…4 days

Focus on America and its states first. Only contribute what others contribute to the WHO. It has proven to be rather ineffective as of late, so excessive spending would be a waste.

@98Y3PBKSocialist from Wisconsin answered…5 days

Fund our own existing health programs. Federal funding should go to federal organizations.

@98WP32C from Kansas answered…1wk

@98VLLKN from Idaho answered…2wks

WHO directly controls how much a country gives (and can even influence the value of that country's money), they do need funding to run, but I think the countries pledging finances should be the ones in control of how much they give.

@98V2N8GIndependent from Montana answered…2wks

Yes as long as the funding is for the execution of specific programs.

@98TBXDSRepublican from Idaho answered…2wks

Yes, but add stipulations like how the money is spent to show there is no corruption

@98R29PT from California answered…3wks

@98Q4JX7 from California answered…3wks

Yes, but not with blanket checks. Monetary funding should not be the primary source of contribution.

@98NP5Z3 from South Carolina answered…3wks

Yes but decrease the amount and it will depend how many money countries are spending.

@98NDPGHAmerican Solidarity from Arizona answered…4wks

@98M6XRP from New Jersey answered…4wks

@98KFWRQ from Tennessee answered…1mo

@98K9GML from Massachusetts answered…1mo

i think all people should be health because it is good to be health and we need people to be health

@98K3VXF from Florida answered…1mo

@98HM5QGIndependent from Texas answered…1mo

If it isn't effective, then it should be funded sparingly, if at all.

@98GVRWD from Arkansas answered…1mo

Yes, and focus on counteracting the influence of the Chinese government

@98GTMVLAmerican Solidarity from Washington answered…1mo

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

No, because they were not honest about the COVID-19 pandemic and we should focus on national and local programs

@98GBVGN answered…1mo

No, fund healthcare, housing and education so it can be free for citizens

@98CFFTK from Connecticut answered…2mos

@97Z3VYDAmerican Solidarityfrom Maine  answered…2mos

Yes, but decrease the amount, and increase the amount given to national and local programs.

@98BJHMYSocialist from New York answered…2mos

We need international consequences and standards, things that could be incentives of a nation heeding international regulations.

@988SMGJfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2mos

@988Q29R from New Hampshire answered…2mos

@988HR3Q from Illinois answered…2mos

Yes but it should more focused on the health of amercian citizens than any other population of the world

@987KGHYGreen from California answered…2mos

Yes, but only relative to the amount that other countries contribute.
Private mega funders like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should be barred from funding the WHO.
Countries should not enter into a treaty that binds US standards to WHO suggestions.

@985VBLZ from Arizona answered…2mos

@984XV53 from Arizona answered…2mos

@984B4KY from Minnesota answered…2mos

@982GTZ9 from New York answered…2mos


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