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More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income

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@98WQW2R from Missouri answered…3 days

@98WMC57 from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

more, and increased it for everyone from the disabled and elderly to the immigrants

@98W76V9 from Michigan answered…4 days

@98VCD57 from Ohio answered…4 days

More for adults who are able to work and less for people who are elderly and disabled who can't work.

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

More, with exceptions for those who are disabled (long term or short term), elderly/retired, or actively looking for work.

@98TM5LS from Virginia answered…7 days

@98T4888 from Georgia answered…1wk

I am against any restrictions on welfare with the exception of denying it from illegal immigrants

@98SNNDZLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

there shouldn’t be welfare unless the situation of the person is extremely bad

@98SMXLX from California answered…1wk

Fewer, but increase benefits for the elderly, disabled and for US Citizens only. These benefits should go to those who need it the most.

@98S89BV from New York answered…1wk

@98S4ZQV from Alabama answered…2wks

I don’t think restrictions are what is wrong with the welfare system right now.

@98RSL5B from Oklahoma answered…2wks

reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income and does not allow illegals and non citizens to obtain any benefits.

@98RRD7Z from Texas answered…2wks

@98QFR9B from New York answered…2wks

More restrictions, as the ones who really need it will take it seriously

@98Q4JX7 from California answered…2wks

More, not only to reform the system that it supplements a working income but incentivize recipients to get off of welfare.

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

Fewer restrictions for those who are disabled (long term or short term), elderly/retired, and actively looking for work. More restrictions if you don't fall in those situations

@3QF9F5WDemocrat answered…3wks

There should be restrictions but not all of the current ones are strong.

@98JT3LB from Louisiana answered…4wks

@98J6643 from Georgia answered…4wks

@98HWQ9C from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

 @Drd1176 from Kentucky answered…4wks

The system in its current form is entirely to corrupt and overwrought with peril and deregulation. It needs to be entirely audited and reviewed, bureaucrats and politicians removed entirely and an entirely new and up to date system implemented.

@98HM5QGIndependent from Texas answered…4wks

Welfare should be focused on helping people first and foremost, but it is all contextual in my opinion. If welfare cannot be contextualized, then not much can be said about how it should be redirected.

@98HLQDD from Florida answered…4wks

More, and welfare benefits should be eliminated in favor of funding education and infrastructure, instead

@98GG3V3from Guam  answered…1mo

@98DXYLR from California answered…1mo

@98DS7W8 from Illinois answered…1mo

More, but only adding denial of welfare to immigrants who don't pay taxes and have shown no interest in becoming U.S citizens.

@98CSLSK from Wyoming answered…2mos

@98D2SQQ from Texas answered…2mos

@98CSLSK from Wyoming answered…2mos

@8YDKWX7 from North Carolina answered…2mos

@98CKYP6 from Ohio answered…2mos

More respect is called for, from each to each. Wage parity with productivity would cause a lot of wellness, doing away with the need for welfare.

@98CHSPKLibertarian from New York answered…2mos

@98BX3T8 from Louisiana answered…2mos

Fewer, reform the system to ensure that benefits are going to those that need it most


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