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More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income

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@982SYWG from Iowa answered…19hrs

More, simply because of the ease of getting it. It should be given to those who are physically and/ or mentally not able to work. Not given to lazy people who have a bunch of kids and don't want to work.

@97ZZF73 from Nevada answered…2 days

Food stamps should never be denied to those who need it especially those families with children especially since the price of food has skyrocket so much so quickly in the past few years and no services to those here illegally. If they are immigrants that is fine but only if legally here or in the process of becoming US citizens

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…3 days

More, we should be helping our citizens get back into the workforce, not letting them stay at home.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…3 days

What if the workforce is what's keeping people poor in the first place? Just because someone has a job doesn't mean they have enough to sustain themselves. We can either regulate the workforce OR provide adequate public welfare, but we can't do neither...

 @@Jason2024 from California answered…5 days

Fewer, but I would suggest that we get a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system instead.

@97Z8N64 from Georgia answered…5 days

The entire system needs restructuring so that it no longer perpetuates the poverty cycle

@97Z3V7D from Illinois answered…6 days

We should make it easier to get help, but change the form of help from cash to vouchers for rent, gas, food, etc

@97YR754 from Iowa answered…7 days

@97YQ7TWfrom Guam  answered…7 days

Fewer, current benefits do not provide enough support. But, deny them to immigrants.

@97YHQJRIndependent from Nebraska answered…1wk

More and if you are on welfare you should have to perform community service to get it.

@97XQ3K3 from Florida answered…1wk

Likely - More restrictions. Welfare should be reformed to supply help when it is needed, but not abused by individuals. Ideally, in most cases, welfare should be a transitional point into allowing an individual to not be dependent on welfare. However, I respect that there are cases where welfare is appropriate and a valued means of help.

@97X5VM6Progressive from California answered…2wks

Welfare shouldn't be a check people receive, but rather just pay directly for food and bills like rent, utilities, and car payments. Anyone who doesn't make enough dhould be able to qualify. However much that means we need to spend so that people's basic needs are met, then that's fine.

@97WP6XX from Utah answered…2wks

Keep it as it is but set a time limit for how long you can be on welfare, so actions can take place.

@97WJF3L from Ohio answered…2wks

Do away with Welfare and instate a universal basic income system.

@97W4FGB from Washington answered…2wks

More, and deny benefits to immigrants. However, those receiving welfare should not lose their benefits entirely upon gaining employment or receiving a wage increase.

@97VRQ32 from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@97QWJPP from Illinois answered…2wks

Should supplement rather than replace. People who are not able to get a job should have "replaced" welfare.

@97QQGF6 from Alabama answered…2wks

Change welfare so that it becomes a sliding system that incentives getting and maintaining a job, rather than having a harsh income cap.

@97QNLJK from Tennessee answered…2wks

@97Q83WK from Tennessee answered…2wks

@7F2D886American Solidarity from Florida answered…3wks

Fewer restrictions on those who have clean reputations, and more restrictions on those who have misused benefits in the past

@97MTP6S from Illinois answered…3wks

More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income If you cannot work, then welfare should still apply

@97M5KC2 from Texas answered…3wks

Since this decision is set by individual states, I don't feel that there is a "pat answer" to this question. Some states need to increase restrictions, others need to decrease their restrictions.

@97LMPCT from Washington answered…3wks

@97LJ82C from Tennessee answered…3wks

More, reform the system to be supplementary and only replacing working income for those physically or mentally unable to work.

@97LFXS6 from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

Welfare as it is seems designed to keep people dependant rather than offer a route to self sufficiency

@97KKWYQ from Florida answered…3wks

Guarantee minimal basic needs, but supplement wages for anything beyond.

@97KPKRH from Kansas answered…3wks

More, reform the system so that it helps people find work and then allow it to supplement rather than replace, a working income

@97JFYT5 from New Jersey answered…3wks

More, but increase benefits for the elderly and disabled while also reforming the system so that, for those who are on welfare but are not elderly nor disabled, it supplements rather than replaces a working income.

@97GPQSW from Idaho answered…3wks

Welfare benefit are meant to help people, but the current system traps them in welfare. Welfare beneficiaries should be allowed to save money, which aids independence. Making young adult children responsible for the household should not be done. They cannot become self-sufficient if they cannot earn for themselves or save money.

@CaptainAB from Arizona answered…3wks

The welfare system should be abolished altogether but with the caveat that there's a universal basic income, healthcare is affordable and if people want to can work for the high-class life.


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