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@9XMFDQYVeteran from Minnesota answered…3 days

@9XLC9S8Peace and Freedom from California answered…4 days

West Jerusalem should be the Capital of Israel and East Jerusalem the Capital of Palestine

@9XH832NWorking Family from Washington D.C. answered…1wk

@9XGCK6RSocialist from Washington answered…1wk

Jerusalem should be whatever Palestinians decide it should be

@9XDGLC5Democrat from Florida answered…2wks

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

No, and Jerusalem should become an independent city-state guarded by the UN.

@9X3D69PIndependent from Florida answered…3wks

Jerusalem is claimed by two countries, and right now it shouldn't be claimed as the country of either.

@9WYLW4NConstitution from Tennessee answered…4wks

@9M7Y2RPWorking Family from Illinois answered…12mos

@9M6T65VAmerican Solidarity from Georgia answered…12mos

Yes. Both Israel and Palestine can have their half of Jerusalem as their capitol.

@9M5WXFQTranshumanist from Indiana answered…12mos

Foreign governments should not be able to decide the capitals of other countries. That country itself should decide the capital

@9M32STQWomen’s Equality from California answered…12mos

This is not a decision that should be made by the US, it would be better for the government to endorse the Israeli government's choice instead

@9M2ZJ27Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…12mos

@9M2YTYKDemocrat from North Carolina answered…12mos

Why is it the US’s choice on other countries capitals??? We should not have anything to do with this issue period

@9LZ4SW5Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

This is not a matter that the American government can or should decide, thus I don't see how it is relevant to my vote for a particular political party.

@9LQWTZCRepublican from New York answered…12mos

This is Israel and Palestine's problem to figure out and not the business of the US.

@9LQ57V5Independent from Massachusetts answered…12mos

Not until the Israelis and Palestinians come to an agreement.

@9LPD88XVeteran from California answered…12mos

Let Israel make that choice and do the work to make it happen.

@9LNHRW2Democrat from Iowa answered…12mos

The US should recognize West Jerusalem as the Israeli capital but work on having East Jerusalem as the capital of a new Palestinian state.

@9LN92JCWorking Family from Ohio answered…12mos

@9LKBF8TConstitution from California answered…12mos

They need to figure that out themselves and not rely on the US to tell them whats what

@9LJ6J5FVeteran from New Jersey answered…12mos

@9LDFFDMDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

@9L73NDKLibertarianfrom Virgin Islands  answered…12mos

It should be recognized as the capital of both Palestine and Israel

@9L6DNC4Women’s Equalityfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…12mos

Wherever Israel declares its capital to be.. that’s where the capital shall be.

@A.J.-ProvonshaWomen’s Equality from California answered…12mos

No, the land should be set aside as a neutral zone for the surrounding areas.

@9L4KG7XIndependent from Arkansas answered…12mos

Israel should decide what it wants, we should respect that and stay out of it

@9L4DMXMPeace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…12mos

Israel should recognize its own capital, not another country.

@9KZF6LZPeace and Freedom from California answered…12mos

No. Israel and Palestine must come to agreement themselves.

@9KY73D8Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…12mos

Yes, as long as Ramallah is recognized as the capital of Palestine

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…12mos

@Priscilla-Blanch…Women’s Equality from Iowa answered…12mos

If Israel decides Jerusalem is the capital, then it should be recognized as such.

@9KQJDNPDemocrat from Mississippi answered…12mos

since we have no control over them I feel that it should be their decision.

@Bennett-WilsonIndependent from Tennessee answered…12mos

We should focus more on peace talks than questions like this.


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