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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@95LCGPT from North Carolina answered…9mos

@95K7BH7 from North Carolina answered…9mos

@94J3V83 from Ohio answered…9mos

No, This system will be more costly, and the waiting list will be longer

@97Z9T2T from California answered…6mos

@98V2S9Y from Oregon answered…4mos

I have no idea how this would play out, and even what it is

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…4mos

It's the system that nearly every other nation in the world has, in which healthcare is paid for by the government, instead of everyone having to pay their own outrageous medical bills...

@9C569RJ from California answered…1wk

Yes, if that one person is willingly to pay for the better of humanity.

@liamdoesthingsAmerican Solidarity from New York answered…13hrs

No, implement a state-level decentralized system mixed with private companies. Low income individuals should have free healthcare while those with higher wages should have their healthcare provided through their companies or indirectly through paying taxes.

@9C8ZQ4P from Pennsylvania answered…17hrs

@9C8WFH4 from Alabama answered…1 day

No, employers should be required to provide and fully fund health insurance including dental, travel, and vision for their employees.

@9C8T2MLfrom Guam  answered…1 day

America should have take inspiration from West European countries for healthcare

@9C7XM7N from Kansas answered…4 days

@9C5ST3M from Texas answered…1wk

Yes but only pay for people with life threatening diseases or emergencies and drugs to treat it and people with pre existing conditions

@9C5RNDZ from Texas answered…1wk

@9C5R3XK from Texas answered…1wk

Yes but only to pay for people who need life procedures or life saving drugs or people with pre existing conditions

@9C5PRQH from Virginia answered…1wk

@9C5BW9K from North Carolina answered…1wk

Yes but only provide essential life-sustaining/saving medical care. cosmetic surgery/medical care will need to be self-funded

@9BXYNNN from Utah answered…3wks

I think that the government should regulate the cost of healthcare, not pay for it. If it wasn't so expensive, this wouldn't even be an issue.

@9BXVVF6 from Maryland answered…3wks

In theory yes but I don't think the US is at the stage where we can move to that system just yet

@9BXNX2H from Louisiana answered…3wks

No, I advocate for market-based reforms that promote affordability, competition, and patient choice

@9BNBG7CDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, healthcare is a right, and the fact that the United States has yet to implement such a system when every other advanced nation has done so is a disgrace

@9BN6Y6RAmerican Solidarity from Connecticut answered…1mo

Yes, but it should be in competition with private insurance in order to drive down costs

@9BN6589 from North Carolina answered…1mo

@9BMFFWX from Utah answered…1mo

Not exactly. Everyone should have access to health care but some peoples situations are more severe than others and if everyone gets the same level of care it could be disastrous,

@9BMD3WS from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes, but there should be privately owned healthcare providers as well

@9BLV39M from Alabama answered…1mo

Yes, but the government isn’t using the people’s money for healthcare as efficiently as they should.

@9BLDZQL from Alabama answered…1mo

Yes, I like the idea of everyone at least trying to help out if and when they can.

@8TTL2MVIndependent from Texas answered…1mo

No, but adopt private-healthcare vouchers for low income individuals

@8TTL2MVIndependent from Texas answered…1mo

@9BKH632 from Virginia answered…1mo

I think it should be available, but there should be a public health care for people who can't afford private health care.

@9BKBVCP from Indiana answered…1mo

@9BJCXYY from North Carolina answered…1mo

Free healthcare is something a lot of Americans want. This is of course the ideal, however the way we visit the doctor and go to the hospital would change quite a bit.


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