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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@95LCGPT from North Carolina answered…5mos

@98ZGJ87 from Texas answered…7hrs

No, we should have a healthcare system based on choice and competition.

@98XTG9V from Illinois answered…3 days

@98XT2ML from North Carolina answered…3 days

No, Federal law largely prevents states from regulating employer-provided health insurance, so states can't just stop employers from offering their own health care benefits.

@98VTVRKLibertarian from Georgia answered…1wk

Yes, but also allow a payer to be added on if there is such an instance where the single payer cannot handle the bill.

@98V7KG5 from Arizona answered…1wk

Yes, as long as it doesn't decrease access to care already available currently and doesn't mirror the Canadian medical system or the VHA.

@98V2S9Y from Oregon answered…1wk

I have no idea how this would play out, and even what it is

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…1wk

It's the system that nearly every other nation in the world has, in which healthcare is paid for by the government, instead of everyone having to pay their own outrageous medical bills...

@98TXTY9 from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

The system wouldn’t work in this current climate and also has to many flaws.

@98TMLNP from Texas answered…1wk

@98TGWSJ from Washington answered…1wk

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

No, have each state start their own marketplace and negotiate with private insurance companies to create plans

@98S4835 from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

no this increases already long enough wait times too much in hospitals

@98RSL5B from Oklahoma answered…2wks

@98RMKBY from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@98R86TFDemocrat from Virginia answered…2wks

Yes, as long as one receives quality healthcare, this system guarantees healthcare for everyone

@98R6K6Q from Texas answered…2wks

If you use government-provided healthcare you pay taxes for it. If private insurance is used then the taxes do not have to be paid.

@98QZ73T from Michigan answered…2wks

Yes IF Congress is on the same system. As soon as you have a system for the masses and one for the "elite", it will not work

@98QP5G8Democrat from Illinois answered…2wks

the government should not go through private companies, but people can chose them if they wish for better service than what the government provides.

@98Q4NS7 from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, but allow people to use private insurance and make it illegal for health care workers to take off on the holiday's unless it's an emergency

@98Q4KYZDemocrat from Texas answered…2wks

No, people of lower income will not be able to pay for everyone and you don't get to choose a provider.

@98Q4JX7 from California answered…2wks

No, the government should only be involved when private companies are behaving with criminal intent.

@96DGZ5L from Washington D.C. answered…3wks

Yes, but it needs to begin with a public option system to build up the necessary infrastructure and bureaucracy for such a program.

@98PC3RHLibertarian from Tennessee answered…3wks

Only for mental healthcare, leave physical healthcare in the hands of the free market.

@98P77ZPfrom Guam  answered…3wks

No regulate the industry and set limits for the amount a provider can charge for a product or service.

@98NTNQP from Washington answered…3wks

No; the privatization of healthcare drives innovation leading to better quality care. However, healthcare should be less expensive and there should be caps on medication and hospital costs

@98MRMM4 from Illinois answered…3wks

The government should have a bigger role in providing healthcare to all citizens, especially ones who can't afford it.

@98LJYCDSocialist from California answered…4wks

The government should be able to fund the universal health system not the citizens as we pay too much already. To do this, the government can defund military projects and other outdated systems.

@98L3CZB from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

Yes, but only for basic internal medicine and life saving drugs. Surgery and specialist doctors should not be upheld by government institutions. A free market provides improved services.

@98KPG5F from Louisiana answered…4wks

Yes, but it should be decentralized and states should operate and maintain these systems

@98KBNPP from Texas answered…4wks

I support a universal healthcare system where private companies and individuals can't profit from.

@98HXJF4 from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@98HVY6YRepublican from Virginia answered…1mo

No, government shouldn’t be involved in healthcare. Government shouldn’t be paid, lower cost.

@98HHWN6 from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@98H8SLV from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but allow people to use private insurance and subsidize the medicine companies

@98GPDYB from Florida answered…1mo

No, I support universal healthcare but it should be decentralized

@98GN5LM from New Jersey answered…1mo


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