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@Le3237vjTranshumanist from Minnesota answered…12hrs

No, the system leaves people on waiting lists way too long for effective and quality healthcare

@Yes_AntoonIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Yes, but a system similar to Germany's is a good compromise

@9XMVKH6Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Depends because if one is poor they should not always be forced to pay as with the wealthier people they shouldn't have as much of a choice but still a choice.

@9XMR793Veteran from Illinois answered…2 days

Individuals should be able to choose private insurance and there for not pay into the government health care system, those who choose to use the government offered healthcare should be the only ones paying into the system.

@9XL3LKQDemocrat from Michigan answered…4 days

Use money from those who are worthy of being taxed, AKA selfish rich people who hoard their money. Jeff Bezos enjoyed himself in space for a bit.

@9XKHD6JWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…5 days

mas somenos pero es mas evidente apoyar a un programa de salud financiado y sea mitad por mitad mas equivalente

@9XK48P4Independent from Washington answered…5 days

@9XJT49BConstitution from Illinois answered…5 days

We should have a system which gives a higher rate of pay for people in higher income brackets, where the people with the most pay the most.

@9XJLDQZConstitution from Michigan answered…6 days

Until healthcare costs are lowered, healthcare coverage will be overpriced.

@9XMJV9MWorking Family from California answered…2 days

Yes, except for people using private insurance, they should not have to pay for a system they are not using.

@9XMF6BBWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…3 days

I think it should be a choice to those who want and dont want to do it.

@9XMBVYKTranshumanist from Utah answered…3 days

I say let everyone have the option of being able to do it through the government or through a private insurance company

@Aaron-CookWorking Family from Indiana answered…3 days

Yes, but only if its a positive for the payers, company, and customers.

@9XM32G5Republican from Illinois answered…3 days

the government should continue to provide medicare, medicaid and short term assistance to those in need but definitely should not be involved in healthcare beyond this point.

@9XJ67GWPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…6 days

@9XHBYZ5Constitution from Tennessee answered…1wk

No, it will create more opportunities for corruption in the medical business and government.

@TomowayDemocrat from Idaho answered…1wk

@9X45HNFWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3wks

Yes, however if the health care is not viewed as suitabl, then a private health care system may be used.

@9X3MDV9Democrat from Oklahoma answered…3wks

No, medical billing and insurance reimbursements should be transparent with an upfront single price medical bill for treatment. The uninsured should not have to pay more than the insured. Simplify costs and simplify billing to reduce the massive overhead costs of medical insurance.

@9WT64C3Transhumanist from Michigan answered…4wks

We should have a private system that coexists which a public system to ensure quality of care and incentives for doctors

@9WSWG4BWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…4wks

No, as people may not have enough money to do these things.

@9WSHD2KPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…4wks

@9WS7L4HWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…4wks

@9WPYVK5Democrat from Missouri answered…1mo

@9WP2PP3Democrat from Colorado answered…1mo

Only to the low income people who have no way of paying their bills.

@9XBLRFLVeteran from Virginia answered…2wks

I think there should be healthcare companies that help you pay

@9X9SFHLDemocrat from Michigan answered…2wks

No, but employers should have to pay for their employees healthcare insurance, and there should be a public option

@9X93GTFWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…2wks

yes as not everyone can afford health insurance but those who don’t pay taxes are certain things should not be enordered

@9X8WRZRVeteran from Washington answered…2wks

@9X7TD9FTranshumanist from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, I support this, but I don't think the government should be taking our hard-earned money to pay for others.

@9X7SSMXPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…2wks

I think the government needs to be apart of it but they should re think there actions for the rich and the poor the money for everyone.

@9X5YZZDConstitution from Illinois answered…3wks

if the person has hardly any money then yes but if they just dont have the money at the moment then no


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