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 @97W6LWL from Oregon commented…10mos10MO

Its simply that they aren't citizens, not because of hatred or xenophobia, but because it doesn't make sense to have somebody that isn't legally a citizen vote in any of our elections.

 @9B5FB73 from Louisiana commented…6mos6MO

 @9F9S768 from Arizona agreed…1wk1W

Theoretically, if we allowed foreigners to vote, ill-intentioned groups of foreigners could sway elections in smaller communities. Elections on a larger scale could become corrupted by simply making promises to foreigners in order to get their votes.

 @9F8R5S8 from California disagreed…1wk1W

Although they may be foreign, they are now a resident of the US. They experience America not only as a foreigner, but now as an American as well.

 @9F8FW49 from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Only citizens that have a vested interest in their communities and countries, that pay into the system should have the right to vote. People who pay taxes should have the say in where/how tax dollars are used.

 @9FCF8HLfrom Montana agreed…6 days6D

If they have not bought into the citizenship of the country, they should not have a say in the power to shape the governing bodies.

 @9FBCL6R from Texas agreed…1wk1W

they should not be allowed to vote they will bring other ideas to our goverment that wil chnage our country is like immigrants coming into our country and theres so many of them there vote would have an influence

 @9F8587V from California agreed…1wk1W

Foreigners should NOT be allowed to vote because people in the US could use them to boost popularity of their preferred candidate. They shouldn't be allowed to meddle with American life.

 @9F7VXPRConstitution from Missouri disagreed…1wk1W

Most of the people that live in the United States come from foreigners from Europe, and the United States is built on the idea of freedom offered to people that come here/born here.


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