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@9RJ7K49Republican from Illinois answered…5 days

@9R2NKKDVeteran from New Jersey answered…3wks

@9QY9S57Peace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1mo

We should only deal with countries with fair labor treatment.

@9QV6SK5Constitution from Connecticut answered…1mo

NAFTA no longer exists, but we should continue to participate in its replacement the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement.

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2mos

there should be no monetary currency system, and trade is necessary so yes in some aspects.

@9GM9Z69Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…3mos

@9G4W5Q4Peace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…3mos

Yes, and we should expand it to include other impoverished nations in our continent to benefit from the labor, and increase their standard of living.

@9FHHQ97Democrat from California answered…3mos

Hasn't NAFTA already been replaced by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)?

@9F9LJ4JDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Yes, but the agreement needs to be renegotiated to address the issues of imbalance of trade, outsourcing of jobs, and the guarantee of a livable wage as part of worker rights in each member country.

@9F8FXSCVeteran from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9Q9ZXGXLibertarian from Wisconsin answered…2mos

@9Q7XBPKSocialist from Texas answered…2mos

No, we should focus more on Bilateral fair trade agreements

@9Q76V4VRepublican from Illinois answered…2mos

@9Q37Y8DRepublican from Connecticut answered…3mos

Aside from this being a moot point as of 2020, I do not believe that there should be any trade treaties. Every nation should be entitled to protect their workers and industry as they see fit.

@Wolf_KelliGreen from Ohio answered…3mos

Yes, but there should be reform regarding domestic protections.

@9PTVZ5RWomen’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…3mos

@9PGTR59Transhumanist from Oklahoma answered…3mos

Yes, but renegotiation is necessary to restore some balance.

@9P2LP7KIndependent from Ohio answered…3mos

Replaced. Certain parts of it should be reconsidered. Markets have changed since the 90’s

@9NDFQZVWorking Family from Indiana answered…3mos

@9LWRPJZGreenfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

@9LCMY7PGreen from Minnesota answered…3mos

No, but future trade pacts should be negotiated to improve working conditions and wages on all sides

@9KY34ZXVeteran from Texas answered…3mos

No, unless the member countries can establish an economy that mirrors American's wages

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…3mos

@9KTGJXRGreen from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9JVRM7JTranshumanist from Tennessee answered…3mos

Yes, but have built in time frames for review to protect industry

@9JJDCQJDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…3mos

I am not educated on the topic enough to provide a thorough answer.

@9JC8CZZSocialist from Florida answered…3mos

The only trade agreement we should be involved in at all is NAFTA

@9J7VNDJWorking Family from Ohio answered…3mos

We need to encourage manufacturing and production in America.

@Kesha-ArtisPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…3mos

No, the majority of our products don’t even come from Canada or Mexico. China, Indonesia and Taiwan we should have an agreement with.

@9HG7Q33Libertarian from Colorado answered…3mos

My father doesn't tell me where to buy my bread, yet I freely buy bread.

@9H9HTS7Green from Texas answered…3mos

@9H7NQWDVeteranfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3mos

Yes but it should be renegotiated to bring jobs bag to America. That would increase our exports to these countries

@9H6LRH3Independent from California answered…3mos

It isn't perfect so focus on what needs to be fixed. Structure is already there

@9H63NB5Veteran from Florida answered…3mos

@9H38MDVTranshumanist from Washington D.C. answered…3mos


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