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@6B34FFLDemocratfrom Colorado  answered…3mos

We are killing innocents. We are destroying hospitals by mistake. Sometimes I think about the panic our citizenry would fly into if other nations started using killer drones on us. We would be outraged. And yet here we are, doing this very thing to them.

@69PWJM9Democratfrom California  answered…3mos

@9HK94FRVeteran from Texas answered…3mos

To gain intelligence, but not to kill SUSPECTS. Kill KNOWN terrorists only.

@9HJZKK2Democrat from Nevada answered…3mos

Yes, but only with permission from the country in question and not to kill.

@9HHZL9TTranshumanist from California answered…3mos

Sometimes its better to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission. Sometimes.

@9HHTKJKSocialist from Washington D.C. answered…3mos

No, only to gather intelligence with consent from the country in question, not to kill suspected terrorists

@9HH5J48Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3mos

On the one hand if we suspect that they were trying to start a war with us then maybe. But unless we are specifically at war then I feel it should not be used.

@9HGX442Transhumanist from California answered…3mos

Yes, but only with ironclad proof that they are terrorists acting in bad faith

@9HFH455Democrat from New Jersey answered…3mos

@9HCNY2GWorking Family from Texas answered…3mos

I believe that we should ask for the nation's permission to do both kill terrorist, and gather intelligence, unless the nation in question is not a trusted ally, or supports the terrorist organization.

@9H9X276Veteran from Massachusetts answered…3mos

They shouldn't be doing it, but there should not be restriction on it

@9H9JBPJRepublican from Maryland answered…3mos

Yes but only if we’re actively engaged in combat with that country.

@Jennifer-Gundlac…Green from California answered…3mos

Yes, with permission from the country in question, but only for information gathering purposes. Killing is something that I believe is an act of war and should be subject to congressional oversight/approval.

@9H8VMJSPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Yes, if there has been a Congressional declaration of war with the foreign countries

@9H7MN2DRepublican from California answered…3mos

This question is misleading. It should not be against the law to do so but there should be very few circumstances where it would be used - Yes to save American lives.

@9H6DLLHWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…3mos

Yes, but no be allowed to kill people just to gain intelligence

@9H3DKL4Democrat from Illinois answered…3mos

No only to gather intel with permission from the countries in question and not to kill suspects without due process. Killing a suspect vs a confirmed known threat like Hitler is inhumane.

@Stephen-Justus-M…Veteran from Missouri answered…3mos

Any further use of drones to kill should be considered acts of war only if the terrorists are part of the country's political structure, and these instances should be extremely limited if they happen at all. Use for intelligence is probably fine (for the most part).

@9GY6LWRConstitution from Florida answered…3mos

yes, to gain intelligence and to defeat terrorists intent on committing violence (with sufficient evidence)

@9GY3DH5Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

@9GWXJJQDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…3mos

not just suspected are the us sure they are terrorists or not because you cant kill someone you suspect you have to have pure evidence in order to kill them.

@9GTWDTXWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…3mos

I think the US should stop interfereing with other countries

@9GST4NLTranshumanist from Montana answered…3mos

Only with probable cause and proper approval, but they may not kill anyone.

@9GRWZ2YVeteran from Massachusetts answered…3mos

@9GQFBH7Working Family from Ohio answered…3mos

Yes, assuming the country in question is cooperative (other than countries we know harbor and sponsor terrorists) and there is undeniable evidence that us killing said suspect would save lives.

@9GNDHJQWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…3mos

Only to gather intelligence, and then send in special forces to do their job. We should never put innocent lives at risk.

@9G3YQYQWomen’s Equality from California answered…3mos

The government should not kill anyone “suspected” of anything. If the government has absolute proof of terrorist acts against the US or close allies it has the right to kill that person as a combatant on the battlefield. Killing of people simply suspected is inflammatory and would do more harm than good.

@9G3RK2DWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

Maybe to gather intelligence but not to kill unless maybe we are legally declared at war.

@9FYGX9WDemocrat from Maine answered…3mos

They can to gather intelligence, with the country's permission, not to kill suspected terrorists

@9FQV7ZWConstitution from Indiana answered…3mos

Yes, if we are at war with or within that country. If not, then only with the country's permission.

@9FMMGSMRepublican from Utah answered…3mos

@9FLQMYZWomen’s Equality from California answered…3mos

Yes, but we should not kill unless given proof and consent within the country.

@9FH8VZHProgressive from California answered…3mos

No, only if a high target is hiding in their country and killed by either quietly or an elite group on the ground for the fast-paced event. Other than that, congressional war is needed first.

@9FGWMD4Constitution from Utah answered…3mos

No, the U.S. should not be militarily active without declaring war on another country

@9FGJGKQWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…3mos

@9F9LJ4JDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Yes, but only to gather intelligence unless there is a Congressional declaration of war.

 @9R88R5LTranshumanist from Nevada answered…2wks

No, and abolish any automated weapons systems that are capable of killing or injuring human beings.

@Biblical89American Solidarity from California answered…2wks

Only if they know for sure he or she is a terrorist and no civilian life is lost

@9R2L2SNGreen from Alabama answered…3wks

@198The Republicansfrom Maine  answered…1mo

Yes, but only with permission from the country in question or when there's undeniable evidence that the terrorist are planning an attack.

@taylorlargmannPeace and Freedom from New Hampshire answered…2mos

@9PM985RPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…3mos

They must have consent from Congress and the country in question with no secret intentions.


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