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Yes, but only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections

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Yes, but we should accept much more than the proposed 10,000 refugees

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No, we should eliminate any opportunity for terrorists to enter the country

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Yes, but only accept families (no single Muslim men)

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 @5JHHJYGfrom Colorado answered…3yrs3Y

We should pull out of the middle east and quit terrorizing them. We are the biggest terrorists in the world.

 @8R3NMVY from Kentucky commented…3yrs3Y

I 100% think that the U.S. should take refugees from Syria. I personally believe that in order to prove that we are the great nation so many people think we are, taking in these refugees should be a priority for us. We should use what we have been blessed with to bless others from less fortunate countries in the world. Some say that it us not our duty to be responsible for foreigners and that it's not our problem ;however, it should be. We should want to take in refugees, want to help these people, and want to take this small step in making our world better. If we live with the mindset of "…  Read more

 @92MBXT4 from South Carolina commented…1yr1Y

Incompatable aggreved radical muslems from Syria CANNOT assimilate into our country because they HATE AMERICA and HATE AMERICANS. If you want to help them as a people, send them your money and let their neighbors (who share more values with them then we do) house them. Or, take a family of Syrian refugees into your own house. When your toddler son gets raped repeatedly, then I think you might change your mind on this matter.

 @5K68WKLfrom North Carolina answered…3yrs3Y

No, we should, instead set up a "save heaven" closer to Syria so that the refugees aren't a threat to our country, but are also safe

 @4XFCWD6from New York answered…3yrs3Y

They need safety. We should take them and do the same thing that was done to the Japanese during WW2. We should give them all of the necessities of life including good living quarters (mobile homes would be good), medical care, education. For the ones who want to stay here there should be, along with background checks and continuous monitoring, the learning of our language and customs and the acceptance of both.

 @5JJ348Zfrom Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

 @5K6QCKTfrom New York answered…3yrs3Y

Israel opened its borders to jews after WW2 so in that sense I am open to accepting refugees. However because of BLM and other free for all groups, I feel like the US has become a battle ground within its own borders and at this point in time, we can not accept refugees until the US cleans up from within.

 @5K5VK95Republicanfrom New York answered…3yrs3Y

We should allow only persons who can PROVE that they are who they say they are and only after extensive checks. They should have to report their whereabouts on a continuous basis
for several years. They should not be allowed in unless someone vouches for and takes financial responsibility for them

 @5B845HJConstitutionfrom Kansas answered…3yrs3Y

 @5DJ7RVKfrom South Carolina answered…3yrs3Y

Send all illegals and anchor babies, and refugees out of this country. They broke the law. The country is not stable now and no new citizens for 5 years.

 @94MJYGG from Georgia answered…1yr1Y

Yes, but only if they are sponsored by private citizens until they become self-sufficient or are able to return home safely

 @547CSJ8from Nevada answered…3yrs3Y

No, and this is important, if there is more than a normal chance they will find time to arrange to kill people - at all, they must not be let in. But, you must be sure. Most of them who become terrorists are actually in need of sleep and food and love. But this does not mean it is time for a love-in with them. If keeping them out is necessary for our country to defend itself, they ought be kept out, but as soon as they are educated and become people with wonderful dispositions who will enhance our population because they are really nice people and make a good effort to get along with others, they can come in if we're sure. We are good people and should not be being killed by people with agendas like some of those people have. They are misguided and sad people and going nowhere good. I will accentuate the "BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY" phrase here.

 @5488NRCfrom Massachusetts answered…3yrs3Y

After seeing how these refugees treat the welcoming country's, blowing up building, airports, killing people enjoying their lives, no I don't want them here to do the same. My experience with Muslims, they don't want to assimilate. They want us to be like them. Ugh!  Sinful.

 @4YB2GS9from Florida answered…3yrs3Y

Not just no.. But HELL no. When we were faced with a revolution 240 years ago, we stood up and fought. Let them stay in their own country and do the same. The Syrian "refugee crisis" is nothing less than an orchestrated invasion of Europe and the US.

 @93SB7YB from Florida answered…1yr1Y

Yes, of a determined amount with a certain level, if any, of screening.

 @8SRDHT8 from Connecticut answered…2yrs2Y

 @8GFSD3CPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…3yrs3Y

We should make them better people and show the ways to be better and how to living comfortably and with some it can’t be helped but I feel the government should try.

 @8ZXF96W from Texas commented…2yrs2Y

 @8G8S8QY from North Carolina answered…3yrs3Y

The notion that all people, specifically Muslim's, from the middle east are terrorist, and that they shouldn't be allowed in america is not only xenophobic, but Islamophobic and racist

 @92MBXT4 from South Carolina commented…1yr1Y

A sovern country can choose whom to allow entry. Historically, immigrants in the 19th and up to the mid 20th centrury actually WANTED to become AMERICANS. Syrians do not share our values, and hate us down deep. Radical Muslims are barbarians, and we already have enough barbarians here. No thanks

 @8G3P5M9 from Wisconsin answered…3yrs3Y

We should accept refugees as long as they are contributing members to society. Working and paying taxes as Americans do

 @92MBXT4 from South Carolina commented…1yr1Y

 @8YCN6LJ from Oregon answered…2yrs2Y

yes we should except refugees from everywhere if they go through the proper steps to becoming a citizen

 @96C5757 from California answered…12mos12MO

I think that we should but we run the chance of being attacked by any country that we take refugees from not just from Syria

 @969SKHQfrom Maine answered…12mos12MO

The neighboring countries in the region bear some common responsibility to each other as human beings and it's in their own interest help their neighbors. Like we see with Poland and other ex soviet nations in regard to Ukraine.

 @969S6H5 from Texas answered…12mos12MO

yes, but we should also accept more refugees as well as background checks to make sure that we stay safe.

 @969NYWX from North Carolina answered…12mos12MO

 @969NJSN from South Carolina answered…12mos12MO

Yes, and go into a deep background check and have a certain place for refugees to stay

 @969N7PP from New York answered…12mos12MO

 @969MW4H from Pennsylvania answered…12mos12MO

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 @969M4XN from California answered…12mos12MO

 @969M42S from Idaho answered…12mos12MO

 @969LM8Z from Idaho answered…12mos12MO

 @969GSYH from Indiana answered…12mos12MO

Syrian refuges should follow existing immigration regulations, no special rules or exceptions

 @969F6C9Democrat from New York answered…12mos12MO


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