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@8R3NMVY from Kentucky commented…2yrs

I 100% think that the U.S. should take refugees from Syria. I personally believe that in order to prove that we are the great nation so many people think we are, taking in these refugees should be a priority for us. We should use what we have been blessed with to bless others from less fortunate countries in the world. Some say that it us not our duty to be responsible for foreigners and that it's not our problem ;however, it should be. We should want to take in refugees, want to help these people, and want to take this small step in making our world better. If we live with the mindset of " I…  Read more

@92MBXT4 from South Carolina commented…7mos

Incompatable aggreved radical muslems from Syria CANNOT assimilate into our country because they HATE AMERICA and HATE AMERICANS. If you want to help them as a people, send them your money and let their neighbors (who share more values with them then we do) house them. Or, take a family of Syrian refugees into your own house. When your toddler son gets raped repeatedly, then I think you might change your mind on this matter.


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