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Education  ›  Student Loans

Do you support increasing taxes for the rich in order to reduce interest rates for student loans?

  90% of LGBTQ+ votersYes

Education  ›  Critical Race Theory in K-12 Education

Should critical race theory be taught in K-12 education?

  90% of LGBTQ+ votersYes

Education  ›  Free College for All

Should the federal government pay for tuition at four-year colleges and universities?

  77% of LGBTQ+ votersYes

Education  ›  Universal Pre-K

Should the federal government fund Universal preschool?

  90% of LGBTQ+ votersYes

Education  ›  Common Core

Do you support Common Core national standards?

  54% of LGBTQ+ votersNo, teach to each student's potential instead of uniform testing

Education  ›  Charter Schools

Do you support charter schools?

  53% of LGBTQ+ votersNo, we should focus on improving our public schools and increasing teacher wages instead

Education  ›  School Truancy

Should the government decriminalize school truancy?

  76% of LGBTQ+ votersYes