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“yes, but it should be very heavily regulated. My proposed regulations are as follows
1) Can only be prescribed to terminal ill patients w/o a chance of recovery, for example hospice patients.
2) They have to smoke it in a designated area of the building on site and can't leave with the drug. This will prevent distribution to minors and make sure they aren't contributing to the drug trade.
3) Set limits that strictly control the amount, and frequency of refills.
This reduces the chance of drug abuse from an individual.
4) Employees who work at facilities are give the prescription over the patient to smoke must be checked and searched to ensure non leaves the premises. The sites that grow Marijuana must comply to the before mentioned regulations and both the growing sites and distributions centers are susceptible to closure upon violation of any regulation.”

From a Republican in Sterling Heights, MI
In reponse to: Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

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