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“How dare anyone preclude love from manifesting in any form? An elephant loves her child? A man loves a man. A woman loves a woman. So what. Again, the paradigm is overly simplified. We, each of us, is a part of life. Life is an attempt to manifest our interpretation of God into life, here on earth. This is called "goodness". As I choose to be good, in each and every aspect of "my" life, then, I can increase that manifestation of goodness for my lover, mu partner, my niece, my step-brother, my passed mom & dad, a flower, the earth, the resources which provide us the essence of life: food, air, water, shelter. Any and all commitments to the act of Love shall be condoned, supported, and respected.”

From a Socialist in South Hill, NY
In reponse to: Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?

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