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“For a workers party. For a workers government. Defend Roe v. Wade. For free abortion on demand. For uncompromised free access to any & all contraceptive, birth control, or other medical procedures & medications required by women. Smash the second-citizenship status of women. Expropriate the private religious hospitals denying 1st Amendment separation of religion & state equality before the law to women by denying women equal protection & access to whatever's medically necessary for women. For the right of 2nd Amendment armed self-defense of abortion clinics against right-wing theocratic terrorist garbage, filth, trash, and scum. For the unionizing and then constituting of racially integrated, armed, level-headed and responsible labor union-sponsored defense guards of abortion clinic workers to defend the clinics against right-wing filth of the earth. For the right of armed self-defense against anti-abortion filth.”

From a Green in Saint Petersburg, FL
In reponse to: What is your stance on abortion?

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