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“I would grant immediate citizenship to anyone living in the US. Citizenship would be granted through the act of registering to vote, i.e., even if one is not a citizen, by registering to vote, one becomes a citizen. I would bring home all US troops from abroad, and put them on the border w/ Mexico to gain control over the border. The US should provide every man, woman, and child in Mexico $8,000 per year, which comes to $800 BILLION DOLLARS in the aggregate. Each American citizen should have deposited $95,000 into an individual Federal Reserve Account (IFRA) which is their share of the $30 TRILLION DOLLARS created by the Federal Reserve just since 2008. The IFRA can't be touched normally, except for the following reasons: 1) to pay off a mortgage; 2) to pay medical bills; 3) to prevent eviction; 4) to prevent a utility shutoff; 5) to pay for college; 6) as a supplement for Social Security once someone reaches age 65.”

From a Green in Potwin, KS
In reponse to: Should working illegal immigrants be given temporary amnesty?

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