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“Yes, create a simple path to citizenship for non-violent criminals. The US government needs to treat all immigrants equally and deport felons, including Cubans. It was a hypocritical disgrace when it came out during the Elian Gonzalez situation that three (3) members of that family were convicted felons yet they had not been deported, and not one single person in that family or community was prosecuted for defying the US Justice Department when anyone else, INCLUDING all US Citizens, would have been arrested and imprisoned for those same actions. Those people were permitted to spit in the face of the US Justice Department, and all Americans - by their crimes of ignoring the laws of the nation that gave them refuge. It was an international Disgrace and proof to the world that there is more than one set of laws in the US.”

From a Green in Potwin, KS
In reponse to: Should working illegal immigrants be given temporary amnesty?

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