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“Illegal aliens or if you must "immigrants", have broken our laws of entry, and should be eligible for nothing. that said, if there is an emergency situation /or they have an infectious disease, when they arrive yes by all means let them get treated at govt expense. If they have been here over three months, they should seek private insurance like the rest of us. They have had time. If they seek govt assistance for any reason, they should be detained and turned over to ICE and deported as soon as possible. If there is an "anchor baby", new born, it goes back to the country the mother came from. If they have lived her undetected for even years - detaij and deport... they are criminals... they broke out entry laws... they don't belong here, till they come thru "channels" like our ancestors.I am all for encouraging folks who want to live here, under our Constitution and laws, assimilating by learning about our history, the language most of us speak, and getting a job to support themselves as my grandmother, aunts and parents had to do and becoming US citizens... not assuming they can be living here in the "land of the free" forever and not earning their own upkeep.”

From a Constitution in Virginia Beach, VA
In reponse to: Should illegal immigrants have access to government-subsidized healthcare?

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