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“We have experienced higher costs with our 2014 new plan via an insurance company at work - however, it has interestingly caused us to take more responsibility about medical choices. It is incenting us to spend less on medical procedures, where before we would have simply "charged it" to our insurance and been covered. Our high deductible and co-pay means we have less coverage for optional procedures - which is reducing some of the things we might have chosen. But it is making better consumers out of us. If we can keep this up and drive more free market *quality* medical behavior, this may surprisingly work over time. I can't pretend to understand the 900 pages and all of the fall out of this thing and whether it is bad or good... I know I was initially pissed, and have reconsidered the fact that it is making me more responsible and choosey which is a positive by product of the entire fiasco.”

From a Republican in Newtown, PA
In reponse to: Do you support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

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