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“It's a start. But it was written like a group insurance plan. It took away some of the best parts of the individual insurance market (like the ability to change insurers any time with 30 days notice is gone), and there is no competition whatsoever. Early-aged access to Medicare for a higher-priced premium would have provided a mainstream public option alternative AND pumped some real cash in to the Medicare system by those aged 50+. This would have caused private market to compete for those dollars. We WON'T have insurance ourselves. Premiums in the private market during the first 5 years after a layoff of our major breakwinner robbed us of all savings, put us in debt ($16,500 in premiums per year for a couple!), and we can't afford to buy anything while waiting to be old enough for Medicare -- if we live to it without helathcare!”

From a Green in Lederach, PA
In reponse to: Do you support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

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