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“If it can be proven that global warming exists, and is caused by the emission of greenhouse gasses, the biggest cause of global warming must be the government. Early automobiles were a novelty, only afforded by the wealthiest Americans. It was not until our government poured trillions into building new and improving existing roads did the auto industry flourish. Then, with the government creating housing projects and government subsidized housing, criminals found it affordable to live in our nation's wealthiest zip codes, which caused a fleeing to the suburbs to avoid the government caused criminal element. The thousands of pork barrel highway projects helped to facilitate the largest migration out of cities in the history of the world. Now the average commute to work is exponentially longer, because of our government. If the government really wants to slow the emission of greenhouse gasses, it should stop building and maintaining roads, stop paying the rent of criminals in our wealthiest zip codes, approve the building of nuclear power plants, and allow private citizens to continue making city life more enjoyable. Currently we have the big causer of emissions trying to regulate emissions? Don't make me laugh.”

From a Libertarian in Williamsburg, FL
In reponse to: Should the government increase environmental regulations to prevent climate change?

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