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we need to address the National Debt but we need to do this by addressing the many different issues surrounding that debt. The two biggest issues with the National Debt are Social Security and Military Spending.

The issue with social security is an individual who receives those payments ends up taking more funds out of the program than what they put into it. We need to address this in order to be sure the system can survive. We cannot expect a system to work when everyone is taking more out of the money pot than what they are putting into it. The other issue is that the average length of life has increased since the program was put into place. This means we are sending out more checks over time than we have been in the past. To fix that we need to raise the age at which you start receiving those checks so it evens out.

The other issue we have is our bloated military spending. We spend more on our military than most major governments (some of those being our allies) do on theirs, combined.

There is no reason for military spending to that degree when we aren't fighting against anything. We are simply building tanks, ships, and Humvees to go sit in military bases unused. The military has told congress they don't need anymore equipment but congress just keeps pushing out new equipment because they come from states where the building of tanks, ships, and so on benefits them.”

From a Democrat in Staten Island, NY
In reponse to: Should the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt?

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