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“I support the call for Reform that drove "Common Core" support at first but what happened was what former Federal Education Department Secretary Dr. Bill Bennett has called the "Dumbing Down of American Education" to do no more than attempt to force "equality of outcomes" based on some anti-god notions that deny equality of opportunity to succeed while recognizing that those who rigorously apply themselves will thereby become more and more Less Equal and demonstrate the power of work combined with natural giftedness! "Common Core" is at it's heart an Anti-God worldview forced upon the children of parents who for the most part cannot sort through the educratese and doublespeak to SEE that what is being done to their precious, innocent, dependent, trusting CHILDREN is nothing less than a vicious form of elistist, utopian, child ABUSE that will steal the very the lifetime opportunity to ever become skilled enough in the 3 Rs basics to be anything except a brainwashed, conditioned worker serf for the priviledged elite and well connected new aristocracy!!! In the Patriot movie General Cornwallis was asked, "Tell me more about this Ohio" by the brutal re-educator of those Rebel Colonials who loved FREEDOM more than King Orge's TYRANNY. Dumbed down SERFS make good dosile workers for the INTERNATIONALIST minded Sorosian Tyranicoons.”

From a Republican in Lithonia, GA
In reponse to: Do you support Common Core national standards?

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