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“I realize that children, like my son, will continue to slip through the cracks but dropping out of school actually was encouraged by his teachers because he was such a challenge to educate because of learning disabilities. I know that any kind of standardization is fraught with peril. But I would rather see evidence based theories put into practice instead of the government throwing money at the wall and hoping it will stick. Teach every child the same information across the country. There is no reason for schools to have different curriculum except for state history. My son couldn't do algebra on paper, but he was correct 90%of the time figuring it out in his head. He was a whiz at physics but not allowed to take it because he had difficulty with algebra teachers who wouldn't accept the way he figured out problems. He was accused of cheating until he proved himself after school. Still, the teachers would not accommodate his learning style. How do we get these nuances of each child in this country to learn without penalty?”

From a Democrat in Newport, OR
In reponse to: Do you support Common Core national standards?

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