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“At one time the state of California was the 7th largest economy in the World, The "Demoncrats" have been in total power for over 75 years and are 90% responsible for the State now being broke!! No different than DC, they will always spend more than they take in and are horrible, incompetent despots whom will do anything to stay in office! Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein too are showing an abominable track record in this state's demise, and are never held responsible for any of their incompetencies! California will one day vote to become part of Mexico again and if one is not of Hispanic origin, he or she may soon regret it! A sad day for this once "Heavenly State"!!!”

From a Republican in Pasadena, CA
In reponse to: Should California set aside 3% of tax revenue into a “rainy day” fund?

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