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“I feel gun control is largely a measure by which to protect mostly white upper-middle class citizens from what they feel to be lower-class, minority-driven disorder. I do not underestimate the danger of gun violence at schools and other public places (such as theaters). But I feel these incidents reflect less a problem with guns and more a problem with mental health and the poor quality of mental healthcare in this country. Gun violence is incidental to that. Spending on healthcare should be the priority, not necessarily greater gun restrictions. I do support strict surveillance and controls over people who use guns but people should not be barred from having access to them for reasons of self-defense. Maybe different types of guns can be issued in accordance with experience, criminal record (or lack thereof), risk factors, etc. Granted I'm not an expert but I feel this should be the responsible perspective.”

From a Green in Chicago, IL
In reponse to: Should there be more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun?

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