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“Psychological testing should be mandatory for the purchase of assault rifles. Purchasing numerous assault rifles should be severely restricted with exceptions limited to those individuals who have proven that they are a legitimate weapons collector/dealer-or have a valid reason for non-consecutive bulk purchases (i.e. a gift to an organization). Licensing/permits for collectors and hunters should be mandatory. Bulk purchases of bullets and/or other guns should automatically warrant investigation. A national database should be instituted in order for PUBLIC WEAPONS DEALERS (not the federal government, state governments, or local police) to communicate with one another and recognize suspicious excessive purchase of ammunition and weaponry-similar to the database which already exists in Pharmacies to regulate controlled substances. The public weapon dealers are allowed the exclusive right to monitor purchases but consequently would be liable for abuses and neglect. Private weapons dealers should register with the state, and be monitored by the state, in accordance with that state's laws. The federal government should not be allowed to interfere with private weapons dealers who are acting in accordance with their state government. Gun conventions which bypass state and federal restrictions should be illegal (along with all the other conventions which bypass state and federal restrictions i.e. reptile conventions)”

From a Green in Swarthmore, PA
In reponse to: Should there be more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun?

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