Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training
No, only for criminals and the mentally ill
Yes, but only by closing the gun show loophole
No, but increase penalties for gun-related crimes
Yes, and ban all guns from public use
No, only for assault weapons
No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

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See how importance of “Gun Control” has changed over time for 26.4m America voters.

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Other Popular Answers

Unique answers from America users whose views extended beyond the provided choices.

 @5KGHPZJfrom Michigan answered…4yrs4Y

Chicago has very strict gun laws and yet the highest gun related crimes...criminals do not care about laws...you cannot pass a law that will stop a criminal from obtaining a weapon if he really wants one

 @4WV9Q2Cfrom Oregon answered…4yrs4Y

guns don't kill people it's the crazy unstable people, the uneducated people.

 @53KWBGYfrom Ohio answered…4yrs4Y

Stay out of this. Guns are only a method to kill. People are messed up. Start at home with good role models.

 @5H37QM5from Colorado answered…4yrs4Y

You know what we should totally do? Let's say you take the class, clear a background check, then go to a gun dealer. The gun dealer can check your background check again, then help you choose the right gun for you. Here's the clincher: You have guns that will only work for you. Like using your fingerprint. (This is my husband's idea and I LOVE it! They have safes that work this way, why not find a way to apply it to firearms?!). Anyways, if someone steals your gun, they cannot use it because their fingerprints are different. Then it's just a glorified paper weight.

 @4SH7565from Utah answered…4yrs4Y

I believe there are over 2000 gun laws already on the books. Maybe we could enforce those before passing new ones. Come on, people! Guns don't kill people, people kill people.