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“If the NSA wasn't crossing the line so often and massively abusing its power in ways that far to greatly risk tyranny, we wouldn't even need to have this question asked now would we? But the NSA crossed many red lines it never should have and has done so hitting the ground running. the NSA should be disband and all equipment and data it has destroyed.

National security should be only about protecting our nations people. Recording all of its civilians data from using any technology is a complete deviation form that with far too much of it potentially able to be used for things that have nothing to do with security from a foreign attack. Way too much power with a much to far reaching potential of abuse. It would be better to build structures out of harder better armored material with buffer zones so see an attack coming verses trying to "secure" our nation via a means that intrudes on our citizens privacy to this extent.

Ironically, the method of building up better armored structures and land distance based buffer zones would have easily been do-able in decades past long before over baring, overly strict, overly costly regulations and inflation's as well as taxation's that exist now.”

From a Libertarian in Huntsville, TX
In reponse to: Should the U.S. continue NSA surveillance of its allies?

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