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“We are suppose to be a civilized country and not a country embracing propagandist fear-mongering attitudes. Building a wall along our southern borders suggests two major antagonistic themes contrary of what values the United States is beholden too: acceptanceance over intolerance and denouncing oppressive exclusion while hailing optimistic admittance to our democratic society. There is nothing to be gained by putting an a wall that epitomizes our embracment of a mendacious tale that Mexican immigrants are criminals and subjugation to the nationalistic, discriminatory, racist usurpers that plead to our baser and most ignorant instincts. Why not put a wall between us and Canada? There are people from there that have killed US citizens. What many fail to realize or perhaps favor dwelling in the mendacity of pervasive ignorance, is people from other countries have killed our citizens yet where is the outrage? The demagogues have capitalized on a few incidents and painted them as the norm; meaning that, and without giving any numbers or percentages, implied rather obliquely that numerous incidents have occurred when it is realistically only a few. How is the wall going to be paid for? For those who are under the wholly false impression that Mexico will pay for think again! American will foot the bill, it will have been a waste of money and trade and relations between Mexico and America will greatly depreciate because of it. A wall to keep people out...could possibly have a opposite effect. Those worst that had been grossly exaggerated coming to the US will become a reality.”

From a Democrat in Vacaville, CA
In reponse to: Should the U.S. build a wall along the southern border?

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