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“I believe that with the world we live in today, where a young man who actually committed two crimes (theft and beating a policeman until he had to go to the hospital) dies from being shot in self defense and he is the hero, it is absolutely 100% in the interest of the officer to wear this device. Generations struggled for equality and most did so under the non-violent protests and gatherings of Dr. King, Jr. Those courageous people did not suffer and bleed and March just for their grandchildren and great grandchildren could just throw down the race card and the start rioting and looting and burning down innocent people's business they WORKED for instead of standing in the welfare line. By the way, by doing all those things, you proved the point that your people, be it black or white commit crimes. Does racism still exist? Unfortunately yes it does in all people from all over the World. There was NO outrage when a black policeman had to shot a white male subject. Why Not? Maybe he was racist or maybe he was just doing his job. If anyone no matter their background does not want to get profiled well, and this is truly not to hard to understand, don't put yourself in a position like that to begin with. Morale of the story...don't commit a crime and you don't have to worry about the police. Stay home and study so you can get a great education and have chances your ancestors fought for instead of embarrassing them by burning down their local pharmacy. God gave you a brain so either choose to use it or choose to waste it, but in any case, the protection of the brave men and women of our police departments are the reason I support the body cams. All lives matter and you can not hide what your doing from a camera!”

From a Republican in Albertville, AL
In reponse to: Should police officers be required to wear body cameras?

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