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“Discrimination of any kind for legal purposes should not be tolerated if it something beyond the individuals control. With that said businesses have a right to put forth an image that they want. If I work for a daycare or run a daycare I do not want a person that has then covered in Nazi tattoos working there. The person has a right to feel like they want or need those tattoos but once they commit the action of getting them they must then face the negative consequences of getting them. The same logic applies to those with gender identity issues. It is perfectly fine to identify yourself as a woman if you are a man. Once the man starts dressing as a woman there are reactions the public has that the government cannot prevent will have negative consequences on the business. If someone's actions that they chose to make could have a negative consequence on the business then the business has the right to deny employment. This law needs to have many clauses and subclausses and needs to be able to be updated as Society changes”

From a Democrat in Keego Harbor, MI
In reponse to: Should “gender identity” be added to anti-discrimination laws?

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