Yes, and we should create more social programs to help prevent and rehabilitate criminals
No, it is necessary for violent criminals who are a danger to themselves and other inmates
Yes, it is severely psychologically damaging to young undeveloped minds
No, but it is currently being overused

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 @8D7X8VB from Pennsylvania answered…4yrs4Y

No, but I believe prisons should be reduced to the bare minimum of people that are there to protect the public. there are too many people in prisons and prisons should not be privately held nor treated like private enterprises to be grown.

 @3VGBRTCfrom Georgia answered…4yrs4Y

In practice, solitary confinement is used to deal with problematic kids that the staff of the prisons just don't want to deal with. If we can limit its use to exceptionally violent kids or kids who are being molested, or attacked in prisons by inmates or staff, I think solitary confinement can work.

 @3VTR8GVfrom Arizona answered…4yrs4Y

I think the inmates have to much rules and laws while in prison. they should hate prisons and not want to go back but if they are getting treated how they would out in the real world then it is pointless to have prisons in the first place. make the prisons a hell hole and get the individual to become a better person and not want to go back to prison

 @3VTZCJCfrom Florida answered…4yrs4Y

Yes, we should be investing in mental and psychological care for these young individuals and increasing policies that prevent the disadvantaged youth from entering into situations that lead to something like solitary confinement. Most humans aren't born to want to be bad in their society.

 @3VTHCLXfrom New York answered…4yrs4Y

Having worked with juveniles who can be a danger to themselves and others, I know how violent they can become. I believe solitary confinement should be used only for situations where other interventions are not successful in preventing harm to self or others, but should not be eliminated as a last effort. There should also be greater training for staff members in interventive methods.

 @3VVPFL8from North Carolina answered…4yrs4Y

I think that rather than define the days of solitary, we should increase the amount of work required of every prisoner. Less gym time, less TV and recreational time as well as social contact time between inmates. Prison should not become a "higher education" system for prisoners to get their masters in criminal activity.