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Conservatives policies on immigration issues



Immigration  ›  Immigration Ban

Should there be a temporary ban on all immigration into the United States?

T>T  Public statementsNo, and we should increase the amount of immigrants we currently allow into the country

Immigration  ›  Border Wall

Should the U.S. build a wall along the southern border?

T>T  Public statementsNo

Immigration  ›  Muslim Immigrants

Should Muslim immigrants be banned from entering the country until the government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists?

T>T  Public statementsNo

Immigration  ›  Immigration

Should children of illegal immigrants be granted legal citizenship?

T>T  Party’s support baseYes, if they were born here

Immigration  ›  Immigration Healthcare

Should illegal immigrants have access to government-subsidized healthcare?

T>T  Public statementsYes

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Immigration  ›  Border Security

Should the U.S. increase restrictions on its current border security policy?

T>T  Public statementsNo, make it easier for immigrants to access temporary work visas

Immigration  ›  In-State Tuition

Should illegal immigrants be offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges within their residing state?

T>T  Public statementsYes