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 @9RDWGJP from Tennessee answered…5hrs5H

Yes because if they are I’ll they can spread foreign diseases that our doctors don’t expect to encounter to US citizens.…

 @9RD4FM4 from Illinois answered…14hrs14H

Yes, in emergency situations, and after treatment, they should be properly documented and properly processed.

 @9RCW33N from California answered…16hrs16H

Depends on the reason an illegal immigrant immigrated illegally. If it was to escape domestic abuse, yes. Those who immi…

 @9RCR3XQ from North Carolina answered…17hrs17H

I think there should be some kind of access they have if they’re paying taxes, just limited until they’re citizens.

 @9RCHZJT from California answered…18hrs18H

Yes, if they pay taxes, and Yes, but only for life-threatening emergencies or infectious diseases if they do not pay tax…

 @9RCH857 from Michigan answered…19hrs19H

All children should have access. Adults should be helped and then the authorities should be alerted.

 @9RC7YRD from Oklahoma answered…20hrs20H

Yes and no our people should come first but it should be equal across the board till a certain income level