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 @9N8MT4F from South Carolina answered…3hrs3H

Pro-choice, but ban after the second trimester. The federal government should not be spending taxpayer money on this.

 @9RJSF7J from Washington answered…4hrs4H

Pro-life but process should be up to the states approved by their citizens. Fed does not belong in this process.

 @9RJGNQ3 from Texas answered…15hrs15H

Pro-choice, the government should not be involved in people making healthcare decisions for themselves. That should belo…

 @9RJ6DKX from North Carolina answered…17hrs17H

Pro choice in first trimester or under certain circumstances such as rape or danger to mother or child. providing birth…

 @jwakley from Utah answered…19hrs19H

Pro-choice, but only until viability outside the womb has been reached, after that the right to life for the child shoul…

 @9RHYD7S from Michigan answered…20hrs20H

Abortion should be fully legal in the 1st trimester, restricted in the 2nd and banned entirely in the 3rd