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 @9RK75YS from Texas answered…11mins11m

No, but we should move away from male/female sports, categorizing athletes by class instead, similar to weight class in…

 @9RJRWX9 from Florida answered…7hrs7H

No, and get rid of gender based sports competitions. Let everyone compete against everyone regardless of gender

 @9RJRRK4 from North Carolina answered…7hrs7H

Yes, but all athletes should compete together (no more "men's sports" or "women's sports", just sports)

 @9RJPSYN from Nevada answered…8hrs8H

No, a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. The separation of the sexes in areas such as sports, bathrooms and other gen…

 @9RJN87Dfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…12hrs12H

Yes and no. Sports should not be segregated by gender but by significant physical advantage and divided into leagues.

 @9RJK9R8 from Michigan answered…14hrs14H

This is a vary hard question which at the moment we have no right answer. transgender athletes should have the right to…

 @9RJJSBW from Florida answered…14hrs14H

Create a new space for them to compete. Women faught hard to have their lane and shouldn’t be taken over by anyone.