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 @9RDYNXT from Virginia answered…10mins10m

The landlords underlying mortgages should also not be able to be raised beyond a certain threshold. it is not entirely u…

 @9RDWGJP from Tennessee answered…3hrs3H

They have to have access to social services, feel safe, be able to bring their dog. But access to mental health, veteran…

 @9RDVJDV from California answered…4hrs4H

Only for "landlords" leasing out a significant number of properties (either private with lots of properties, or large co…

 @9RDTDG9 from Indiana answered…5hrs5H

No, but create more social programs to help provide for their needs but they must work in exchange and go to treatment i…

 @9RDSXFJ from Kansas answered…6hrs6H

There should be controls on per-year rental price increases based on national and regional inflation.

 @9RDQZ4Q from Utah answered…7hrs7H

Not on public property actively used by residents. Create better communities for homeless with open space available for…

 @9RDQFKB from Texas answered…7hrs7H

Yes, but the consequence should be to be admitted to a rehabilitation center that focuses on dealing with mental illness…

 @9RDPJJR from Utah answered…7hrs7H

No, only in overwhelmingly blue cities/states. Additionally, those cities/states should pay for these homeless individua…

 @9RDJ5GS from Colorado answered…9hrs9H

Yes and it should be in part based upon how much the landlord is paying on the property and the property value itself.

 @9RDHQFB from California answered…9hrs9H

Yes, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their ability to make a profit. Especially for small business owners.

 @9RDHCNZ from Iowa answered…9hrs9H

Offer to purchase the home with a "reverse mortgage" by the state to be inserted into a low income lottery after death o…

 @9RDGZG3 from New York answered…9hrs9H

Shouldn’t be allowed, but take into account the state of the available housing. Is it safe, secure, etc?

 @9RDFBFL from Alabama answered…10hrs10H

No, but the government should disallow Corporations and Foreign investors to purchase residential real estate.

 @9RDDSGC from Florida answered…10hrs10H

Yes, foreign entities and nations should not be allowed to purchase residential property or land that is of value to res…

 @9RDDD4L from Colorado answered…10hrs10H

Yes but if they were to change how shelters are set up to make a healthy safe environment then it would be a no.

 @9RD8GR3 from Texas answered…11hrs11H

I don't think government should have a say in how much a landlord charges for rent, however, I do think pricing should b…

 @9RD6W98 from Kansas answered…11hrs11H

Green space and or some kind or recreational area. Suck as a pool, tennis court or other activity space.

 @9RD6PR9 from Illinois answered…11hrs11H

No, that can make public property feel unsafe, however, there need to be more support for people who are on the margins…

 @9RD6BXZ from Tennessee answered…12hrs12H

We already have public housing and housing based on income The government has no business regulating private owners of…

 @9RD6BB7 from Michigan answered…12hrs12H

Rent costs are subjective towards area, overpopulation, region, and local economy, there is no one size fits all when it…

 @9RD5T95 from New York answered…12hrs12H

I believe they should not be able to be on central public property however should be provided alternative options. Many…

 @bunnies444 from Virginia answered…12hrs12H

Yes, only if there is proof that the homeowner is doing everything in their power to keep their home.

 @9RD45SM from Illinois answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but national combined efforts must be made to support the homeless so that isolated cities do not become overburden…

 @9RCZTNQ from New Jersey answered…13hrs13H

Yes, but a lot of homeless are legit dangerous people and if they are lowering the quality of life for tax payers living…

 @9RCYXLS from Wisconsin answered…13hrs13H

Governments should deregulate the housing market more and crackdown on corporations buying up apartments and houses.