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 @9RDTWQN from Alabama answered…5hrs5H

All that went through proper protocol trials other than COVID 19 that came out less than a year. The rest that been test…

 @9RDTKSR from Michigan answered…5hrs5H

Yes, with the exception of scientifically proven risk factors linked to anomalies with heavily researched and documented…

 @9RDSLLX from Washington answered…6hrs6H

Yes, if it means keeping the public safe & proper tests have been done with data & side effects are at a minimum.

 @9RDQK49 from New York answered…7hrs7H

Yes, once sufficient studies have been conducted (the products should also be clear about whether they have been determi…

 @9RDQDD9 from Arizona answered…7hrs7H

Depends on what they plan on doing with this new ability to grow lab meat in the future. What else will they attempt?

 @9RDGXQY from Pennsylvania answered…9hrs9H

If it is a proven deadly disease it should be required to attend schools. Covid 19, definitely not. The issue with this…

 @9RDDSGC from Florida answered…10hrs10H

Yes, but it should be solely provided to the public sector; we should not be subsidizing private for-profit companies su…

 @78MJYZM from Indiana answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but only in terms of preventing disease, disorders, or significant health issues. Never for physical appearance/ de…

 @78MJYZM from Indiana answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but only after extensive research of the long-term effects and it is explicitly disclosed to the consumer

 @9RD6PR9 from Illinois answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but with proper labeling / advertising. Consumers should be made aware that the meat is lab grown. There should als…

 @9RD6PR9 from Illinois answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but only well documented vaccinations, such as Chickenpox, measles, polio, etc. In the case of COVID-19, the fast t…

 @9RD66NY from New Jersey answered…12hrs12H

Yes but to only be for people that want or chose to. It should not be a requirement for those who cannot be vaccinated d…

 @9RD5T95 from New York answered…12hrs12H

Yes, for contagious deadly diseases AND should hold a parent criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases to other…

 @bunnies444 from Virginia answered…12hrs12H

No, but require vaccination for any public events, and criminalize anybody who spreads contagious illnesses,

 @9RD2CDZ from Wyoming answered…13hrs13H

Until further testing and a clearly understood production method and understanding of health effects I would say no

 @9RD22HT from South Carolina answered…13hrs13H

People can choose whether or not they want to eat lab grown meat. Just don’t falsely advertise lab grown meat as real me…

 @9RCYLFG from Colorado answered…13hrs13H

No but hold parents accountable for transferring deadly diseases unless they don’t get vaccinated due to religious belie…

 @9N8MT4F from South Carolina answered…13hrs13H

No, the government should not require vaccination. Fund public ad campaigns about the risks and benefits instead.

 @9RCW33N from California answered…14hrs14H

Yes, however the only exception is for children who have allergic reactions to certain ingredients that vaccines contain…

 @9RCSKXR from Arizona answered…15hrs15H

We need far more data on lab-grown meat and test trials, we also need time to learn how this meat can affect humans diff…

 @9RCRFFGfrom Maine  answered…15hrs15H

No one should be forced into vaccination, it is the parents responsibility and choice to vaccinate their child.

 @9RCHGQC from Florida answered…17hrs17H

Yes, but only for those that have very extensive (10-20 years) worth of data showing it's efficiency

 @9RBTYHV from Maryland answered…23hrs23H

Yes if they can make them smaller and find a way to clean up the waste from it so it is no longer harmful or dangerous